UIPath RPA Complete Course

Robotic Process Automation RPA is one of the buzzing word in the world technology market.  Learning RPA now is one of the best thing for your future. This course covers from very basics of RPA UIPath to advanced certification level.

Course Covers:

– RPA, UIPath intorduction, Basics

– UIPath Studio, Robot and orchestrator

– UIPath Certification Details

– Email, Excel, Word, PDF, Application, Websites Automation

– Debugging

– Build and deploy Real-time robots

UIPath RPA Complete Course




About the Course


What is RPA?


Use Cases


RPA Tools , Jobs and Future



UIPath Introduction


UIPath Intro and advantages


UIPath Products, versions


UIPath installation and setup


UIPath Interface


Installing/Managing Packages


First Project


Project Structure, Annotations and logs





Automation Basics


Sequence, Variables, Datatypes




Understanding Switch Condition


User Input






Summary and Assignment



PDF Automation


PDF Text Extraction


Scanned PDF Text Extraction


PDF Activities



Word Automation


Application Scope


Text Manipulation


Export to PDF



Browser Automation


Basic Browser Activities


Web Data Entry



Web Data Scraping



Excel Automation


Read From Excel


Write to Excel


Excel Activities



UIPath Features




Understanding Selectors




UIPath Recorder



Basic Recorder


Desktop Recorder


Web Recorder


Understanding F Pause


Monitor User Events


Screen Scraping


Exception Handling


Invoke Workflow



Application Automation


Open/close Application


Application Operations


File Operations



Email Automation


Email Activities


Read Emails


Send Emails


Outlook activities



Database Automation


Connect /Disconnect to DataBase


Execute queries and Non-queries


Insert and Start Transaction activities



UIPath Robot


Robot Intro and types


Publish and run Bot


Copy Robot process to other machine



UIPath Orchestrator


Orchestrator Intro


Orchestrator account and interface

Connecting Robot to Orchestrator


Machines, Bots, Environments


Packages, processes and jobs


Schedule bot from orchestrator




Orchestrator Activities


Queues and Transactions


Orchestrator Recap



Realtime robot Automation Examples


PDF Invoices to Single Excel


Extract Amazon sales items details


Data Entry from Excel to Web form









Agent Process



REFramework – Robotic Enterprise Framework


State Machine


Understanding ReFramework


REFramework Example



UIPath Certification


UIPath web presence




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