Complete Android and Java Development

  • Duration – 35 hours


These Course cover everything from scratch from very basic Android app development and then move to building advanced app .Also Java from Android development perspective and how you can do app development. For this course you don’t need any prior coding experience as it cover s everything which is required to become an advanced Android App developer. Start building many android apps and put live on on Google playstore and start earning very good revenue.

Complete Android and Java Development

Section : Introduction



Section : Download Android Studio and project setup



. Introduction to Android Studio



. Prerequisite Software tools for studio set up



. Download and Install JDK (java development Kit)



. How to get Android Studio Installer for Windows, Mac and Linux



. Download and Install Android Studio IDE



. Configuring essential packages for Android Studio



. Studio features vs Eclipse


Section : Android Studio Code Development Tour



. Create first Project in Android Studio



. Navigate Project elements and debug code in Studio



. Project View Android Studio Project files



. Tips for using shortcuts during code development in Studio


Section : Device Creation for running Android App



. How to Create Android Virtual Device for app



. What is GenyMotion -Installation and Configuration for Android App



. Virtual Device Creation to run GenyMotion Device manager



. Integrate GenyMotion with Android Studio to run app on various mobile


. Create different Android devices in GenyMotion to run app


Section : Java Programming for Android App Development


. Introduction to Java modules



. Writing first Java class in Android Studio



. Execute Java class , Debug and Fix errors in Android Studio



. Introduction of Java Variables in JavaClass files



. Implementation of String Variable in Java Class file



. Int Variable implementation and Error fixing in Java Class



. Introduction to double variable and Concatenation of String , Int



. Java Coding Standards ,Commenting and Refactoring the code



. Conditional Statements IF/ ELSE in Java code



. Boolean Variable for IF/ELSE condition in Java Code



. Understanding Classes and Objects by writing Java Code



. Create Java class to calculate Bank Account details of different Holders



. Create different Objects and another Class for Bank Account class



. Constructors in Java and using it in Bank Account Java class



. Introduction of Arrays in Java



. Implement Single Dimensional Array in Java code-Part



. Array Implementation and fixing errors -Part


Section : Build Quiz App in Android



. Course goals for Quiz App Development



. Introduction to Quiz App



. Project set up for Quiz App



. How to embed methods for Quiz App development



. Set up methods Oncreate for Quiz app



. Accessing Views and Auto Import implementation for Quiz App



. Integrate layout with Java class and Text view configuration



. Adding OnClicklistener to a Button for populating answers



. Create another Java class to store Answers



. Introduction to layout types for app development



. Different Layout types and usage



. Implementing Linear layout



. What is Relative layout



. Configuring Relative layout for Quiz App



. Introduction to Table layout



. Designing Calculator App using Table layout



. Frame Layout Implementation in App



. Run Quiz App in AVD



. Run Quiz App in GenyMotion for different Mobile devices


Section : Whats new in Android M



. Introduction to Android M,N and O section



. What all we will cover for Android M, N and O



. Android API set up in Studio for Android M



. Introduction to Android M features



. Permission Model for Android M phones



. Smart Link ,Memory Management ,Doze features



. FingerPrint API, Backup and Text Select ,Delete


Section : Build CheckPermission App for Android M, N and O



. Sequence of Steps for App development



. How Check Permission App works to get device location



. Project set up for Android M , N and O



. Configuring layout file for CheckPermission App



. Construct Activity file for App



. Integrate Activity and Layout files and run it emulator


Section : Android N features and Execute App for Nougat Devices



. What is Android N



. Android N feature highlights



. Implement App shortcut feature



. Implement New professional Emojis,Storage Manager Intent



. Background Optimization and Screen Zoom



. Execute App in Android N platform


Section : What’s new in Android O


. Introduction to Android O



. What is Android Go



. Android O highlights -Final release


Section : Migrating Apps in lower Android version to Android Oreo



. Configure Android . SDK for App development



. Migrating existing Apps to Android O



. Execute App in Android O platform


Section : App development in Android Oreo



. Introduction to course structure



. Execute code samples for Android O



. Design Picture-In-Picture Mode



. Implement Notifications Channel and Downloadable Fonts for Android O



. Implement Permissions for Android O


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Instructor showed multiple ways of using a concept and how to solve the problem. Excellent course and lecture by the instructor.


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