Swift3 with Latest IOS Feature

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Swift 3 With the Latest iOS Features

Course Introduction


Language Fundamentals


 Module Introduction


 Creating Project


 Auto Layout


 Wiring Up The Interface


 Measurement I


 Measurement II


 User Input Restrictions


 M Project Instructions


 M Project Solution I


 M Project Solution II


 Modeule Summary


Classes & Methods


 Module Introduction


 Laying Out The UI And UItableviewcontroller


 Autolayout And Creating Iboutlets For The UI


 Wiring Up The Slider


 Creating New Conversion Function


 Segues And Passing Values To Scenes




 Static Classes


 Module Project


 Module Project Solution I


 Module Project Solution II


 Module Project Solution III


 Module Project Solution IV


 Module Summary


Message Integrations


 Module Introduction


 Imessage Extension Introduction


 Imessage Transitions


 Expanded View


 Module Project


 Solution Ui Layout And Wire Up


 Solution Preparing For Segue And Initializing Pickers


 Solution Date Formatting


 Solution Passing Data Between Views


 Solution Sending Messages


 Module Summary




 Module Introduction


 Basic Notifications


 Interactive Notifications


 M Project


 Module Summary




 Sirikit Iimplementation


 Course Summary


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