Get to know ABAP in all its intricacy and detail with this, your comprehensive reference for all ABAP statements. Each chapter discusses the relevant keywords for the topic at hand, and begins with an introduction that explains the essential concepts, such as character string processing, dynpro development, and more. For each statement, the book offers an explanation of the function, the syntax listing, a description, notes on special usage, and an example. The clear organization of content, a full index, and the comprehensive glossary will help you navigate through the complexities of ABAP with ease.

  • Explore comprehensive explanations of all ABAP statements
  • Expand your knowledge with new information on extended expression handling, pragmas, introduction to internal tables, and database streaming

Table of contents:

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In this book, you’ll learn about:


Learn about every language construct that you may encounter in dealing with ABAP programs, whether it is brand new or obsolete.

Syntax Diagrams

Explore syntax diagrams for each statement that show you all your options at a glance.

Practical Examples

Expand your knowledge with the various example programs that give you a feel for the surrounding structure of a program statement.


Browse a unique glossary of almost 1,000 entries, which explains all programming concepts from A to Z.

Highlights include:

  • Extended expression handling
  • Pragmas
  • Internal tables
  • Unicode extension
  • Obsolete language elements
  • Conversion rules
  • Allocations
  • ABAP and XML
  • Exceptions
  • Glossary