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Join our SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Online training program with  “Course completion certificate” as well as “Recommendation letter” & “Referral Program”  Led by our highly experienced trianer.


Sales and Distribution (SD) is one of the most popular primary ERP module. It Deals in better management of sales and customer distribution data and processes in organizations. It works closely with other SAP modules towards effective process work.We are delighted to be one of the best leading training provider with best experienced IT professionals and skilled resources. We have been offering courses to candidates worldwide, so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies. 


INR 30000 (Excl Tax)


Weekend Batches (Online)

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Introduction to ERP

  • Three Tier Architecture
  • Sales Overview

Enterprise structure

  • Enterprise structure in Sales and Distribution
  • Define organizational elements
  • Assign organizational elements

Master Data

  • Defining Account Groups
  • Creating Number Ranges and Assignment
  • Partner Determination
  • Customer master Data
  • Material Master Data
  • Customer Material Info Record
  • Conditions Master data


  • Item category Determination
  • Schedule Line Category Determination
  • Shipping Point Determination
  • Picking Location Determination
  • Pricing Determination

Sales Process

  • Forward Sales Cycle
  • Reversal Sales Cycle
  • Cash Sales & Rush Order
  • Sample Sales and Free of Charge (FOC)


  • Returns Sales order
  • Credit Memo Request, Debit Memo Request
  • Subsequent free of charge Delivery
  • Invoice correction request

Document Type Controls Processing

  • Sales Document Types
  • Sales Document Structure
  • Delivery Document Types
  • Billing Document Types

Copy Controls

  • Sales to Sales
  • Sales to Delivery
  • Sales to Billing
  • Billing to Sales

Basic Functions

  • Taxes
  • Incompletion Procedure
  • Item Proposal
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Material Determination
  • Listing/Exclusion
  • Cross Selling
  • Output Determination
  • Free Goods
  • Pricing
  • a) Field Catalogue, Condition Tables, Access Sequence, Condition Types, Procedure, Condition Records
  • b) Pricing Determination
  • c) Price, Discounts, Taxes, Surcharges, Freight, Rebate
  • d) Condition Exclusion groups for Pricing
  • e) Condition Supplement
  • f) Configuring Pricing Reports

Outline Agreements

  • Contracts
  • Quantity Contracts
  • Value Contracts
  • Scheduling Agreements

Logistics Execution

  • Basic Shipping Functions
  • Shipping Conditions, Picking and PGI
  • Route Determination


  • Billing Documents
  • Billing Plan

Finance Integration

  • Revenue Account Determination
  • Credit Management
  • Rebate Processing

Material Management Integration

  • Stock posting
  • Stock Transfers
  • Third Party Sales
  • Individual Purchase Order

Business Interaction with Domain Functionality for Special Process

  • Inter Company Sales
  • Cash Sales & Rush Orders
  • Consignments
  • Make to order (MTO)
  • Make to Stock (MTS)


SAP SD Online Training

Who can join SAP SD training?

  • Any Graduates
  • Any Postgraduates
  • Any candidates who want to change thier career.
  • Any Candidate who is already a SAP Consultant and want to learn SAP SD as well.
  • Any Candidate who want to become SAP Consultant. 

What We Offer

                                       Knowasap Unique Features are as follows:

Online Training

Complete online instructor led training with complete hands on standard and customized SAP process with real case sceanrios.

Course Completion Certificate

Every Candidate is awarded with course completion certificate dully signed by instructor and course director, Which is "Globally" accepted and shared.

Project Based Training

Complete end to end scenario based learning and with hands on exercises given by trainer.

Recommendation Letter

Recommendation letter of knowasap trainer give significant result for candidates career. Recommendation Letter is dully signed by trainer and contains of your strong points and subject wise expertise of the candidate about the module which is highly appreciated by interviewer of the candidate.

Mock Interview & Placement Assistance

Knowasap Trainer will provide full blueprint of interview questions & answers that are asked in the interviews and  we make sure candidates gets ready for the interviews in the best way possible.  Also candidates will get referrals from all our network Pan India in all IT MNC's one can possibly think of.

Valuable Materials & Documents

Our trainer made complete step by step documents and materials with screenshot of each and every topic present in the SAP Module, Which you can refer in your day to day work and increase your performace & Productivity.

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Our Students Reviews



Amazing course and the trainer, I am satisfied with the training. Explanation is to the point and with good examples easy to remember and understand. Amazing internship project.


Absolutely yes, this training is far informative and beautifully explained by so many examples that makes me more confident while understanding each topics. Excellent training delivered. Thanks a lot for this training for us.


Overall this is a very detailed training, instructions and notes are provided for each step of configuration, so you can always go back for practice. It also covers not only the functional topics but also understanding of business organizations, responsibilities and necessary background for consultant. Recommendation letter & Internship is best combo for getting hired.


 The instructor is very knowledgeable in this area. Best training and great helping documents and internship for freshers.


Very, very well explained high-level flows, with ample coverage of out-of-box expectations for standard SAP SD envioronment. Not restrictive to those needing technical deep dives into SAP / ERP systems, and offers full spectrum overview of business purpose. Great for anyone use to working within their respective business roles and processes and looking to demystify the full stream of business flows through SAP.


Mind blowing explanation, Trainer has very deep knowledge of each every field from this module, and the way he explaining it is very appreciable. Thank you so much sir for such a wonderful training & Internship.

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