SAP CRM Functional

60 hours

SAP CRM is the CRM tool given by SAP and is used for numerous a commercial process SAP CRM is a constituent of the SAP business suite. It can instrument customized business processes, integrate with other SAP and non-SAP systems, help attain CRM strategies. SAP CRM can help an organization to remain linked to customers. This signifies an organization can achieve customer expectations with the types of services and products that persons needs. It likewise aids to achieve ‘Single face to customer’, which means the customer get regular & actual info independent of channel through which the he or she is contacting your company. Course Objectives: It is a part of SAP Business Suite to manage customer relationship. It supports all customer-focused business areas such as marketing, sales and service. It is implemented for different customer interaction channels, such as Interaction Centre, Internet, and Mobile clients (hand-held devices like laptop, mobile, etc.). CRM Analytics, a component of SAP CRM, enables your organization to gather all relevant info about various key features such as a customer and examine this knowledge base to incorporate insights into operative processes and strategic decision-making. 

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SAP CRM Course Content

1. Introduction

  • Introduction on ERP
  • Introduction on SAP
  • Introduction on CRM

2. CRM Concepts

  • CRM Business Partners
  • Creation of BP (Business partners) on Category
  • Basic Settings (Field grouping, No range etc.)
  • BP Grouping
  • BP Relationships
  • Visual Configuration Tools

3. Organization Model

  • OM Concepts
  • CRM Organizational Model
  • Organizational Data Determination

4. Territory Management

  • Territory Management
  • Hierarchy Levels, Hierarchy ID,
  • Assigning employee to Hierarchy

5. Product Master

  • Product types
  • Creation of Hierarchies and Categories
  • Creation of Attributes, Set types

6. Activity Management

  • Business Activities /Task
  • Activity monitor

7. Basic functions

  • Partner Processing
  • Access sequence,
  • Partner determination procedure

8. Sales Transaction

  • Enquiries & Quotations
  • Sales Order
  • Customizing Sales Transactions
  • Sales Order scenario in CRM & R/3

9. Data Flow

  • Data Flow in Business Transactions
  • Copy Control
  • Item category determination

10. Marketing Management

  • Marketing plan Campaign management
  • B P Segmentation
  • Define Marketing Attributes and Attribute Sets
  • Create Data and Sample Source
  • Profile Set Details
  • Product Proposal
  • Personalized Mail forms
  • External List Management
  • Allocation Planning
  • Assigning Target group to channel
  • Campaign Execution

11. Lead Management

  • Questionnaire/Evaluation for leads
  • Qualification level for leads
  • Origin, Priority, Group

12. Sales Opportunity Management

  • Customizing Opportunities
  • Sales cycle, Phases
  • Origin, Group, Priority

13. Service

  • Service organization
  • Service cycle
  • Service Order
  • Service Confirmation
  • Complaints and Returns
  • Warranty management

14. CRM Contact Channels

  • CIC (Customer Interaction Center)
  • Frame work & Title Hidden Components,
  • Visible Components
  • Action Box settings, Remainder scripting
  • Interactive scripting
  • ASAP Methodology
  • System Landscape
  • Middleware and Updates
  • Version updates
  • Features & Advantages
  • Screen changes

15. Terminology

  • Web UI (User Interface)
  • Business Roles & Work Centers
  • Logical links/Direct links
  • Role Config keys
  • PFCG Roles
  • Navigation bar profile etc.

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