SAP BW 7.4 ON HANA Course

40 hours

SAP BW/4HANA is a cloud-based next generation data warehouse solution that brings a new opportunity for agile enterprise data warehousing (EDW) modeling and fast delivery of business analytics & reporting requirements for organizations.

SAP BW/4HANA streamlines processes and support innovations with a single, trusted source for real-time insights. For companies seeking solutions in reporting, planning, dashboarding, Big Data, data integration, data engineering, and predictive & prescriptive analytics, SAP BW/4HANA is an ideal system.

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SAP BW 7.4 ON HANA Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction

  1. Evolution of HANA Landscape
  2. SAP HANA Basics
  3. SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3/7.4
  4. SAP HANA Vs. BW Accelerator
  5. BW Modeling in SAP HANA Studio
  6. SAP HANA Modeling

Unit 2: Migration to BW on HANA and BW Data Management

  1. Migration Strategies and Tools
  2. SAP BW Migration Cockpit

Unit 3: SAP BW on HANA Architecture

Unit 4: SAP BW on HANA Data Management

  1. Multi-temperature Data Management
  2. Optimizing BW Data Management (WARM Data)
  3. Optimizing BW Data Management (COLD Data)

Unit 5: Optimization Areas in BW on HANA

  1. Introduction
  2. HANA-Optimized Data Modeling: InfoCubes
  3. HANA-Optimized Data Modeling: Advanced DataStore Objects
  4. HANA-Optimized Data Modeling: CompositeProviders
  5. HANA-Optimized Data Staging
  6. HANA-Optimized Analysis Manager
  7. HANA-Optimized Analysis Process

Unit 6: Modeling of SAP BW 7.4 with SAP HANA

  1. Models in SAP BW 7.4
  2. Data Extraction and Data Flow within SAP BW 7.4 NW 2004S
  3. New Data Source Concept of BW 7.4
  4. Transformation in BW 7.4 (ETL)
  5. DTP (Data Transfer Process)
  6. From 3.X to BW 7.4
  7. Business Content Upgrading Dataflows
  8. COPA
  9. Logistics Extraction
  10. Administration of InfoCubes and Aggregates
  11. ODS view and advanced DSO (Data Store Objects)
  12. Virtual Cubes and Multi Providers

Unit 7: Modelling with SAP’s Reference Architecture LSA++

  1. Review of the Layered Scalable Architecture
  2. From LSA to LSA++: Streamline Core Layers
  3. LSA++: Open Operational Data Store Layer
  4. LSA++: Agile Data Mart and BW Workspace Layer

Unit 8: Hybrid Modeling in Mixed Scenarios

  1. Generation of HANA-views for BW InfoProviders
  2. Mixed Scenarios
  3. SAP HANA Live
  4. HANA-Optimized BI Content

Unit 9: Data Provisioning into SAP HANA and SAP BW

  1. Overview of Data Provisioning into SAP HANA
  2. SLT Replication into SAP HANA
  3. SLT Replication into SAP BW
  4. Operational Data Provisioning into SAP BW
  5. DB-Connect and Open Hub Destination

Unit 10: Additional Enhancements of SAP BW 7.4

  1. InfoObject Enhancements
  2. Authorization Enhancements
  3. Process-chain Monitoring
  4. HANA-Optimized BW Search
  5. HANA-Optimized BW Planning
  6. Obsolete BW Object types
  7. Mobile Enablement Enhancements
  8. SAP HANA Versus BW Accelerator

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