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This course is designed for individuals responsible for implementing, administering, and managing data integration projects with the help of Data Integrator/Data Services.

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SAP BODS 4.2 ON HANA Course Content

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Introduction
1. Introduction to SAP HANA
2. SAP In-Memory Strategy
3. HANA compare to BWA

Look and Feel
1. In-Memory Computing Studio
2. Administration view
3. Navigator View
4. System Monitor

1. Architecture Overview
2. IMCE and Surroundings
3. Row Store
4. Column Store
5. Loading data into HANA
6. Data Modeling
7. Reporting
8. Persistent Layer
9. Backup & Recovery

Place of BODS among modern DI software package
Competitive advantage of BODS
ETL and ELT approach
How both approaches can be combined in one tool
Data Services components and architecture

Chapter 2 – Basics of BODS
Concepts of Job, Workflow and Data Flow
Concepts of Datastore
Creating basic Batch Job
Transforms overview

Chapter 3 – Basic data profiling and Query Transform
Analyzing data sources
Joining data from multiple sources
Basic transformations and build-in functions
Aggregating data in BODS

Chapter 4 – Working with Files
Defining file formats for file data source
Working with XML files(XSD,DTD)
File Formats as Source and as Targets

Chapter 5 – Platform Transforms Overview
Case and Merge transforms
SQL transform
Validation transform
Row Generation
Map Operation
Combining Validation and Auditing – best practices

Chapter 6 – Data Integrator Transforms
Working with hierarchical data
Hierarhy Flattening transform
Merging data
Table Comparison transform
Other ways of merging data for RDBMS datastores
Slowly changing dimension support in BODS
History preserving transform

Chapter 7. Using built-in functions
Use date and time functions and the date generation transform to build a dimension table
Use the lookup functions to look up status in a table
Use match pattern functions to compare input strings to patterns
Use database type functions to return information on data sources

Chapter 8 – Metadata Management
Local and Central repositories
Working in a group
Propagating Job from development to staging and production environment – best practices
Backing up metadata
ATL file. Export\Import operations
Validating, tracing, and debugging jobs
Use description and annotations
Validate and trace jobs
Use view data and the Interactive Debugger

Chapter 9 – Management Console
Administrating BODS
Overview of all major tools
Execution of a Job from server
Scheduling a job
Auto Documentation reports
Designing ETLs with auto documentation in mind

Chapter 10 – BODS Scripting Language
Variables in BODS – Scope of variable
Scripting language – Advantages and limitations
Custom functions in BODS
Creating simple function
Database procedures
Custom functions. database functions

Connecting to SAP Applications
ABAP data Flow processing using Dataservices
IDoc interface connectivity using Dataservices
SAP Application table source in real jobs using Dataservices
Executing Batch jobs that contain ABAP Dataflows
Connecting to SAP Net weaver Business warehouse
Using Dataservices in SAP NW BW environments,Openhub tables
Sefining SAP Net Weaver BW Datastores using DataservicesLoading into SAP NW BW using Dataservices.

Chapter 12:Data Provisioning using BODS 4.2 workbench
1. Workbench user Interface
Data Flow editor
Monitoring editor
File Format editor
Replication job editor
Datastore editor

2.Information Steward
Getting started with Cleansing Package Builder
About cleansing data
About cleansing packages
Cleansing package types
Create cleansing packages
Assign standard forms and variations
updating a published cleansing package
viewing published cleansing packages
Person and firm cleansing package

BODS 4.0 With SAP HANA to builg Agile Datamarts using Diffrennt Transforms and File systems
Chapter 10 – Error Handling in BODS
Validating Data Flow, Workflow, Job
Error handling on Workflow lebel – Try and Catch objects
Analyzing execution of Batch Job – Log files
Debugging in BODS
Handing execution errors – best practices

Chapter 14 – Performance optimization in BODS – Part 1
Push-down concept
Cases when push-down doesn’t work
Data Transfer transform
Cashing in BODS
Defining cashing for lookups and Table Comparison

Chapter 15- Performance optimization in BODS – Part 2
Degree of parallelism
Designing custom function for parallel execution
Bulk loading operation
using MultiLoad for Teradata targets
Execution parameters
Rows per commit
Number of loaders

Chapter 16- Using BODS Metadata
Access to BODS metadata
Operational metadata
Auditing metadata
Creating your own metadata by using BODS metadata

Chapter 17 – Possible Alternative Topics
Data Quality in BODS
Real-time jobs
Integration with other applications
Automatic job creation from template

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