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This course covers all aspects of Salesforce Development & Administration. You’ll learn how to Create App, Objects, Profiles, setting up Security, Workflows, Visualforce page, Apex coding, Triggers , reporting and analytics etc.

The course teaches all these in an effective manner that will aid your learning in the best way.

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This course will equip you with comprehensive knowledge that helps you get certified.

Salesforce Development & Administration


Introduction & Course Overview


Introduction to


How to signup for free salesforce developer edition license


How to Login to Salesforce


Enabling Development Mode


How to Create your first Custom Application and First Object.


How to Create Custom Fields in your First Object


Adding data & Creating nd Object & Custom Fields


Creating rd Object and Custom Fields


Creating Master-detail Relationship


How to Create Roll-Up Summary


What are WorkFlows and Workflow actions with examples


Workflow to deduct total Inventory value


Validation rule to verify total Inventory


Making a Field Mandatory using Validation rule


How Approval Process Works


How to Create Field Dependencies


Edit Columns & Edit Layouts


Overview of Campaigns, Leads, Opportunites and Sales



Access,Security and Permissions in Salesforce


Users, Roles & Profiles


Organization Wide Defaults (OWDs)


Creating & Assigning Permission sets



Saleforce Programming ( Apex coding & Visualforce Designing basics)


Creating Visualforce page


ApexPage Block & ApexPage Block Section


Viewing Records on VisualForce Page in Read only


Viewing Input records on VisualForce Page


Salesforce Apex Command Buttons


Apex Standard list Controller


Salesforce Apex Command Link


Pagination for Standard List Controller


Apex reRender on VisualForce Page


Apex code for Custom PageSize


Salesforce Apex EnhancedList


How to write a trigger in Salesforce


How to Create a Apex TestClass



Salesforce Reporting and Analytics


Tabular Report


Summary Report


How to Add Chart to your Report


How to use Bucket Fields


Matrix Report


Joined Report



Salesforce Lightning Experience & Usage


Introduction to Salesforce Lightning Experience


Overview of (Salesforce Lightning Setup HomePage)


Salesforce Lightning Navigation and Features


Salesforce Lightning Process Builder


Salesforce Lightning App Builder

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