Salesforce Change & Release Management Certification 

The course covers all the following topics necessary for a Release Manager –

> Explain the benefits of change management

> Discuss the key processes of change management

> Understand the tools/processes to be successful

> Develop a change management strategy

> Handle metadata effectively

> Change sets

> ForceDotcom IDE

> Snapshot

Salesforce Change and Release Management Certification

Salesforce Change Management


Course Introduction


Change Management – An overview


Benefits of Change Management


Key Stages of Change Management


Development Methodology Options


Develop a Change Management Strategy



Salesforce Release Management


Salesforce Release Management – An overview



Managing Sandboxes


Sandboxes and Sandbox Environment Types


Sandbox Refresh



Metadata Export


Metadata Export using Various Methods CLI and Automated Metadata Export



Metadata Deployment


Salesforce Packages


Deployment of Metadata using Changesets – Part 1



Deployment of Metadata using Changesets – Part 2


Deployment of Metadata using IDE


Deployment of Metadata using Snapshot



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