Salesforce Administration Certification Course

Salesforce Admins are high in Demand and by learning from this course you will be able to Pass Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam very easily and get a job that pays very well.

Below are the topics we covered in this course :

  • Salesforce Terminology and Icons.

  • How Salesforce Organizes the data.

  • Salesforce App,Standard Objects and Custom Objects.

  • Creating and Managing Users.

  • Salesforce OWD and Security features like Object level Access,

  • Permission Sets, Record Access, Record Access Via Sharing Rules and Record Types.

  • How Sales Process works in Salesforce?

  • Data Management using Data Loader & Workflow Automation.

  • Reports and Dashboards and Much more !!!


INR 999

Salesforce Administrator Certification Course


Introduction & Course Overview


What is Salesforce?


How Salesforce Organizes The Data


How to Signup for a free Salesforce Developer edition license


Salesforce Terminology & Basic Navigation


Organization Setup Overview


User Setup in Salesforce



Salesforce Applications/Standard Objects/Custom Objects


What is Salesforce Application?


What are Objects in Salesforce?


Salesforce Standard Objects/Custom Objects/Custom Fields


Types of Object Relationships in Salesforce


Student’s Mandatory Practice Tasks



Salesforce Security Features/Visibility and Data Access


Different Layers of access control in Salesforce


Setting up Organization Level Access


Object Level Access


Organization Wide Defaults (OWDs)


Roles & Role Hierarchy


Record Access Via Sharing Rules


Record Types


How to create Field Dependency


Creating & Assigning Permission Sets



Salesforce Automation & Data Management


How to Create WorkFlows?


Data Management Using Data loader


Data Import Wizard


Workbench for Data Management


Data Management Tips



Salesforce Sales Process


Sales Process Overview


Campaign Management


Lead Management


Web to Lead Process


Opportunity management & Price book



Salesforce SERVICE & SUPPORT Process




Case Management


Email to Case


Web to Case


Solution Management


Salesforce Communities


Salesforce Communities Study Guide



Salesforce Reports & Dashboards


Tabular Report


Summary Report


How to Add Chart to your Report


How to use Bucket Fields


Matrix Report


Joined Report


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