Python with Google Colab & Machine Learning

This course is completely practical based and is per-requisite for our upcoming Machine Learning course. This course is designed in such a way that you can take spark of Google Colab enabling Jupiter notebook , the best platform to practice Machine Learning  and is enriched with all the basic concepts that is required to start with python programming. After completing this course, you should have basic python understanding.

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Python with Google Colab & Machine Learning

Section 1: Introduction


  1. Introduction


  1. Introduction to Google Colab


Section 2: Basic Python Concepts


  1. Working with Variables and Datatypes



  1. Use of “ls” command


Section 3: Arithmatic Operation in Python


  1. Basic Arithmatic Operations


  1. Arithmatic Operation Continue..


Section 4: Conditioning and Looping


  1. IF-ELSE Condition


  1. For Loop


  1. While Loop


Section 5: Working with Methods


  1. Creating and Calling Methods


  1. Creating Method with no return type


Section 6: Working with List and Arrays


  1. Creating a List


  1. Fetching items from List


  1. Modifying items in list


  1. Copying item from parent list to childlist


  1. Merging List


Section 7: Tuple, Set and Dictionary


  1. Introduction to Tuple, Set andDictionary


  1. Working with Tuple


  1. Working with Set


  1. Dictionary in Python


Section 8: Working with Class and Package


  1. Introduction and Quick recap


  1. Importing packages


  1. Creating your own class


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