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Our Python regular Certification is curated with specific insights from industry professionals to provide you in-depth knowledge in Python. Knowasap Python online training is designed to keep you aligned with the actual programming paradigms, coding principles from procedure and functions for managing code readability with clear logical codes for small and large projects. You will be exposed to the industry-specific course modules and the latest updates in Python, to scale up implementations with best practices as part of this training. The practical hands-on sessions in Python certification are conducted by professional Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) cum trainers through a relevant curriculum with Python tools like BeeWare, BOA Constructor, PyDev for Eclipse, PyCharm, WxGlade.


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Python - The Big picture

  • Why Python
  • Introduction to Python and Industry expectations
  • All tools/services/modules overview & high level discussion
  • Tools end-to-end work-flow
  • Roles and Responsibilities in real-time job, how his/her day in office looks like? What are the goals of this resource in real-time(career perspective)
  • Who can learn Python
  • Pre-requisites to learn Python?
  • Future opportunities

Module 1: Introduction to Python

  • Installing and using Python
  • Installing Anaconda
  • What is IDE and IDLE
  • Setting up your environment
  • Writing your first program
  • Executing Python from the command line
  • Comments and Input-Output
  • Working with Python development tools
  • Numbers and expressions
  • Variables and statements
  • Python syntax, style and coding conventions
  • Doc strings, PEP standards
  • Working with strings
  • Variables, keywords, data types
  • Python core objects and built-in functions
  • Operators
  • Control Flow
  • Python Constructs and Looping


Module 2: Collections

  • Data Structures in Python
  • Lists – Operations: indexing, slicing, changing, deleting
  • Mutable vs immutable
  • Tuples – Properties and usage
  • Dictionaries – Structure and usage. Operations – access, del, clear
  • Sets – Operations : clear, copy, difference, discard, remove
  • Enumerator, iterator, generator
  • Comprehension techniques


Module 3: Functions

  • UDF and function arguments (args, kwargs)
  • Function Documentation
  • Passing Collections to a Function
  • Variable Scope
  • Functions – “First Class Citizens”
  • Lambda Functions
  • Nested functions
  • Generators
  • Map, reduce, filter


Module 4: Object oriented programming

  • Classes and objects
  • Instances and instance attributes
  • Special Methods
  • Binding and method invocation
  • Inheritance


Module 5: Errors & Exceptions

  • What are types of errors
  • Handling various exceptions using try….except…else
  • Try-finally clause
  • Python Standard Exceptions
  • Handling multiple exceptions
  • Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exception


Module 6: Modules & Packages

  • Introduction to Modules
  • Creating UDM
  • Standard boiler plate
  • Standard Modules – sys, OS, math, time

Module 7: File I/O

  • User defined function.
  • Document string.
  • Scope of local variable.
  • Creating user defined function.
  • Calling a user defined function.
  • Arguments and KWARGS.
  • Lambda function and purpose.

Module 8: Some Advanced concepts

  • Closures and Decorators in Python
  • Try-except-else
  • For-else
  • The pickle module
  • Json module


Module 9: Regular Expression

  • Introduction to Regex
  • Special symbols and characters for RE
  • Meta characters
  • Search and replace operations
  • Practical examples


Module 10: Database interaction with Python

  • Creating database with sqlite3
  • CRUD Operations
  • Introduction to MySQL and mongodb packages

Case-studies & Mini projects

  • Data mining identify cross-sell opportunities – Finance
  • Flexible data transformation and manipulation – Retail Banking
  • Creating business insights with machine learning – Insurance

Module 11: Introduction to Data Analytics

  • Importing Numpy and pandas
  • Creating N-dimensional array
  • Array operations
  • Indexing, slicing, iterating over Numpy
  • Pandas Series and Data Frames
  • Pandas operations
  • Indexing, Merging, Joining
  • GroupBy and aggregation on Data frames

Python Training

Who can join this training?

  • Any Graduates.
  • Any candidates who want to change thier career.
  • Any candidate who is pursuing graduation.
  • Any fresher looking for a job.

What We Offer

                                       Knowasap Unique Features are as follows:

Online Training (2-3 Months)

Complete online instructor led training with complete hands on standard and customized projects with real case sceanrios.

Course Completion Certificate

Every Candidate is awarded with course completion certificate dully signed by instructor and course director, Which is “Globally” accepted and shared.

100% Placement

On Successfully completion of training, Candidates will be actively get interview scheduled calls from our placement team clients. Knowasap have the track record of 100 % Placement to all our students. Our Students have got package ranging from 3-8 LPA till now.

Self Paced Courses

All students will get free lifetime access to all our programming courses worth INR 80000. To ensure your enhanced & continous productivity.

Mock Interview & Placement Assistance

Knowasap Trainer will provide full blueprint of interview questions & answers that are asked in the interviews and  we make sure candidates gets ready for the interviews in the best way possible.  Also candidates will get referrals from all our network Pan India in all IT MNC’s one can possibly think of.

Valuable Materials & Documents

Our trainer made complete step by step documents and materials with screenshot of each and every topic present, Which you can refer in your day to day work and increase your performace & Productivity.

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Our Students Reviews

Sourav Dubey


Great introduction to Python and programming as a whole. Everything is broken down making it easy to understand. Had zero programming experience before and this training made it easy and to land a perfect MNC job for me.

Harshit Bhandhari

Extremely well laid out curriculum, to the point training and excellent Placement service. Built my confidence level to clear the interviews and get a best job in product based company.

Nihar kulkarni

Will highly recommend to anyone who decides to start studying Python, I seriously recommends to all B.E B.TECH people to enroll and get placed because I always thought programming is not for me. But after this training I realised the importance of programming skills and market is open for all freshers who can help organisations with their programming skills.

Manohar Kumar

A well-designed training, especially for the beginners, you will become enthusiastic and passionate about programming. It really helps you to learn from scratch and it does not require any prerequisites. Placement was done by knowasap team and yes they have huge clinet base to get placed for my skills.

Ganesh shukla

This is a very nice start for python beginners.way to teaching is very good. This training will help you build a strong foundation in python. I liked the flow of training. The assignments were so engrossing and tricky which helped me a lot.  Totally worth the investment finally got my first job.

Shashank Mehta

Anybody without a prior knowledge about programming can learn from this training  by taking their time. This course has been planned correctly and adequately instead of rushing with loads of concepts. In a way this course provides time for the individuals to learn, practice, and correct their mistakes while programming. Best support for my placment.

Our Students working with great companies. We think you should join us in your quest for excellent career.

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