Python Programming Fundementals

Statistically, Python is the fastest growing programming language in the world. It is a very robust cross-platform programming language that works across Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS machines. That’s one of the reasons a Python programmers are a valuable asset to any company, and employers know it. That’s why a Python developer is one of the highest paid in the industry.

There is almost no limit to what you can use Python for. It is used in the fields of Data science, especially Machine Learning and Deep Learning, back-end web development, Ethical hacking and Pen-Testing, Engineering, Medicine, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many more.

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Python Programming Fundamentals

Getting Started with Python


Start Installation


Start Print and Strings


Start Math

Variables, Loops and Statements


Start Variables


Start While Loops


Start For Loops


Start If Statments


Start If Else Statements


Start If Elif Else Statements

Functions and Global and Local Variables


Start Functions


Start Function Parameters


Start Global and Local Variables

Understanding Error Detection


Start Common Python Errors

Working with Files and Classes


Start Writing to a File


Start Appending to a File


Start Reading From a File


Start Classes

Intermediate Python


Start Input and Statistics


Start Import Syntax


Start Making Modules


Start Error Handling – Try and Except


Start Lists vs. Tuples and List Manipulation


Start Dictionaries

Final Project


Start Final Project


Start Final Project Solution


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