Python Object Oriented & Web Programming

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Python Object Oriented Programming

Introduction to the Course


 Course Introduction


 Installing Python IDE


Essential Constructs


 Section Introduction


 Class Construct


 The Special __init__ Method






 Class Variables


 Obtaining Class Attribute Values


 The Main Method


 Section Summary


 Exercise Live Demo


 Project Explanation


The Python Object


 Section Introduction


 How to Create an Object


 Obtaining Object Attributes


 Changing Object Attribute Values


 Accessing Objects Methods Part  1


 Accessing Objects Methods Part  2


 Section Summary


 Exercise Live Demo


 Exercise Explanation



The Constructor/Destructor Magic Methods


 Section Introduction


 The Constructor Part  1


 The Constructor Part  2




 Public Access modifiers


 Private Access Modifiers


 Section Summary


 Project Live Demo


 Project Explanation


Class Inheritance


 Section Introduction


 Building The Child Class Part  1


 Building The Child Class Part  2


 Building The Child Class Part  3


 Building The Parent Class Part  1


 Building The Parent Class Part  2


 Importing Classes


 Overriding Methods


 Section Summary


 Exercise Live Demo


 Exercise Explanation


Final Project


 Final Project Live Demo


 Final Project Explanation Part  1


 Final Project Explanation Part  2

Course Conclusion


 Course Conclusion


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