Project Management for HR

  • Duration – 15 hours

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop basic project management skills
  • Understand how project management & human resources relate
  • Apply project management concepts to human resources
  • Use proper risk assessment techniques when managing a project

Project Management for HR

Ch 1. Basics of Project Management

Lesson 1 – What is Project Management? – Definition & Examples
Lesson 2 – The Ten Knowledge Areas of Project Management
Lesson 3 – Project Management: Why Projects Fail
Lesson 4 – The Six Constraints of Project Management
Lesson 5 – Ethics in Project Management

Ch 2. Applying HR Principles to Project Management

Lesson 1 – Human Resource Planning: Definition & Process
Lesson 2 – Six Principles of Global Talent Management
Lesson 3 – What Is Strategic Change Management? – Definition, Models & Examples
Lesson 4 – Applying Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model

Ch 3. Project Planning & Scheduling

Lesson 1 – Project Feasibility Study: Definition & Steps
Lesson 2 – Key Steps in Initiating a Project
Lesson 3 – Human Resource Project Plans: Components, Tools & Outputs
Lesson 4 – What is a Project Charter? – Elements & Example
Lesson 5 – Key Steps in Planning a Project
Lesson 6 – Project Resource Management Plan: Definition & Importance
Lesson 7 – Project Management Scheduling: Tools & Techniques
Lesson 8 – Project Management Tools for Systems Development
Lesson 9 – How to Manage Alterations to the Scope of a Project
Lesson 10 – Project Change Management: Plan & Components

Ch 4. Managing Costs & Risks

Lesson 1 – Project Cost Management: Process & Importance
Lesson 2 – Earned Value: Definition & Example
Lesson 3 – Risk Planning for Project Management
Lesson 4 – What Is a Risk Assessment? – Process, Methods & Examples

Ch 5. Working with Project Teams & Stakeholders

Lesson 1 – The Project Team and Work Breakdown Structure
Lesson 2 – Becoming a Cohesive Group: Using Team Building to Increase Group Cohesion
Lesson 3 – Project Management Communication Plan: Definition & Example
Lesson 4 – Preparing, Conducting, and Contributing to Productive Meetings
Lesson 5 – Project Stakeholders: Definition, Role & Identification

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