Predictive Modelling in HR Analytics

This is a power-packed Module to enable understanding of how best to leverage analytics to become effective decision makers and generate better results for their organizations. This course illustrates the importance of the application of analytics in HR and transforms the way people work!

The course structure aims at reaching all those who have very basic or no knowledge in the field of analytics. Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to talk in numbers about the problems at hand.

Module - Course Content

Section : Introduction

What is analytics?

Application of Analytics in HR

Analytics in the Employee life cycle


Section : Analytics Capabilities

Introduction to Big Data

Analytics Value Escalator

Data types in a Structured dataset

An Example


Section : Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Machine Learning and its Applications


Section : Introduction to Dashboarding

Way to Dashboarding

Sample metrics for Dashboarding

Sample issue use case: Attrition Analysis


Section : Setup for Dashboarding using Tableau Public

Installation of Tableau Public

Download the dataset here

Business Scenario

Dataset description


Section : Dashboarding using Tableau Public in action hr


Loading the dataset into Tableau Public

Building a Geo Map

Saving the Tableau Project

Stacked bar chart using hierarchies

Creating a Bubble plot

Creating a Pie Chart

Creating an Area chart

Creating a Treemap

Creating a side-by-side circle chart

Building the Dashboard – Part 1

Building the Dashboard – Part 2

Interactions between the two Dashboards


Section : Introduction to Predictive Modeling

Way to Predictive Modeling

What do we mean by a model?

Sample issue use case: Candidate success profile

Translating Business model to Statistical Model


Section : Setup for Predictive Modeling using Microsoft Azure


Dataset description

Creating an account on Microsoft Azure

Loading the dataset into MS Azure


Section : Building a Predictive Model to predict Monthly Income: Microsoft Azure

Data Preparation using MS Azure: Edit Metadata

Data Preparation using MS Azure: Outlier treatment

Data Preparation using MS Azure: Missing Values and Feature selection

Linear Regression : Intuition

Linear Regression using MS Azure

Linear Regression using MS Azure – Part

How to Predict for new observation?

Decision Tree : Intuition

Decision tree using MS Azure

Neural Network : Intuition

Neural Network using MS Azure


Section : Predictive Modelling to detere Candidate Success Profile


Classification using Decision Tree : MS Azure

Classification using Neural Network: MS Azure

Logistic Regression : Intuition

Evaluation Metrics

Classification using Logistic Regression : MS Azure


Section : Unsupervised Learning using MS Azure

Clustering using K-means Algorithm: Intuition

Clustering using MS Azure – Part 1

Clustering using MS Azure – Part 2

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