Azure Data Engineer Associate – DP 200 & 201

Expected Outcomes

After this course:

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Server – You will be able to identify the right Azure SQL Server deployment option, purchasing model and service tier according to requirements and will be able to deploy it in the cloud. You will be able to set up a security configuration to secure your database.

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse – You will able to deploy Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly known as Azure SQL Data warehouse) in Azure Cloud environment. You will have good internal MPP architecture understanding, and so you will be able to analyze your on-premises data warehouse and migrate data to Azure Data Warehouse.

  • Microsoft Azure Data Lake – You will be able to create Azure Data Lake Gen1 storage account, populate it will data and analyze it using U-SQL Language.

  • Microsoft Azure Data Factory – You will understand Azure Data Factory’s key components and advantages. You will be able to create, schedule and monitor simple pipelines.

  • Hadoop Basics – You will learn the fundamental understanding of the Hadoop Ecosystem and 3 main building blocks. This module will prepare you to start learning Big Data in Azure Cloud using HDInsight.

  • Microsoft Azure HDInsight – We will understand how HDInsight makes Hadoop easy, and we will go through simple demo where we’ll fetch data from Data Lake, process it through Hive and later will store data in SQL Server.

Microsoft Azure Data Engineer-Associate DP-200 and DP-201 Certification


Introduction to Azure Cloud Computing




Create Azure free subscription


Azure Portal overview


Azure Services Overview


Managed and Unmanaged Service


Resource Groups


Resource Provider




Access Control


Demo – Create Azure SQL Database service


Delete resources and set budget





Introduction to Data Engineer Profile




How did Data Engineer profile evolve?


Data Engineer role and responsibility


Introduction to Data Engineer technologies





Azure SQL Database Service for DBA and Developers




Why choosing SQL Server in Azure


Azure IaaS vs PaaS database offerings


SQL Server PaaS deployment options


Further References from Microsoft Docs



Azure SQL Server in Virtual Machine (IaaS)




SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine


Demo – SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine



Further References from Microsoft Docs



Azure Single Database




Demo – Azure Single Database


Purchasing models and Service Tier


Azure Database vs Azure Data warehouse


Further References from Microsoft Docs



Elastic Database Pool




Azure Elastic Database


Demo – Azure Elastic Database


Further References from Microsoft Docs



Managed Instance Database




Azure Managed Instance Database


Difference between on-premises and Managed Instance


Migration options for Managed Instance


Service tiers for Managed Instance


Management operations


Demo – Managed Instance


Further References from Microsoft Docs



Azure Database Security




Azure Database Security options


Azure Managed Instance advance security


Further References from Microsoft Docs



Data Warehouse – crash course


Module Introduction


Module Resources



Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics Service




Why warehousing in cloud


Traditional vs Modern Warehouse architecture


Azure Synapse a Game changer


Azure Synapse Benefits


Modern vs Azure Synapse Architecture


Demo Azure Synapse Analytics


Azure Synapse Studio


Synpase unified experience



Azure Synapse Internal and Architecture




Azure Synapse MPP Architecture


Storage and Sharding patterns


Data Distribution and Distributing Keys


Data Types and Table Types




Best Practices for Fact and Dimension tables


Demo – Analyse data distribution before migration to azure





Data Migration to Azure Synapse Data Warehouse




 best practices for Data Load


DIfferent loading methods


Loading with SSIS vs PolyBase


Demo – Loading with SSIS


Demo – Loading with Polybase


Demo – Loading with Data Factory





Security layers in Azure Synapse Service




Advance Data Security




Network Security


Transparent data encryption


Dynamic Data Masking


Access Management





Configuring and Optimizing Azure Synapse Service




Configuration Options


Performing other tasks


Backup and Restore


Price Optimization


Managing Workloads




Support and Troubleshooting


Delete Resources




Introduction to Azure Data Lake


Problem statement


How Data Lake can solve this problem?


Data Lake vs SSIS vs Hadoop vs DW


Advantages of Data Lake


Data Lake Storage vs Analytics



Demo – Data Lake




Create Data Lake Accounts


How to upload data in Data Lake


Write U-SQL Script to transform data


Schedule a job in Data Lake





Introduction to Azure Data Factory


Data Life Cycle


Azure Solutions


What is Azure Data Factory


Key components of Data Factory


Pipeline workflow –  steps



Demo – Data Factory


Module Introduction


Create Azure Data Lake Storage Gen  Account


Deploy Azure SQL Data Warehouse


Deploy Data Factory


Getting familiar with Azure Data Factory UI


ETL Operation




Data Factory Monitoring





Hadoop – crash course


HDInsight overview



Introduction to HDInsight


Why Hadoop is Hard


How HDInsight make Hadoop Easy


Important aspects of HDInsight


HDInsight cluster types


HDInsight Architecture



Demo – HDInsight


Demo overview


Create Azure Data Lake Storage Gen  (source) and SQL Server (destination)


What is Managed Identity


Add Managed Identity to Gen and Database accounts


Create HDInsight Interactive Query Cluster


Ambari overview and UI


Ingest dataset in to DataLake storage


Data Extraction with Hive


Data transformation with Hive


Data Export with Sqoop





Cloud Computing basics for absolute beginners




Why we need a cloud computing


What is cloud computing


Benefits of Cloud computing


Cloud Deployment models


Types of cloud services


AWS vs Azure vs Google





Data Warehouse crash course for absolute beginners




What is Data Warehouse


Why we need Data Warehouse


Ideal Data Warehouse Solution


Responsibilities of Data Warehouse designer


SQL Server vs Data Warehouse


Dimensional Modeling


Facts and Fact Table


Dimensions and Dimension table


Star vs Snowflake





Hadoop crash course for absolute beginners


Hadoop overview


Why we need distribute computing?


Two ways to build system


Introducing Hadoop


Hadoop vs RDBMS


Hadoop Ecosystem


Hadoop Summary



Wrapping up


Bonus Lecture

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