Linux Administration Fundamentals 

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INR 999

Linux Administration Fundamentals

Course overview


The Linux Boot Process and System Logging


 The Linux Boot Process


 The Linux Boot Process – Demo


 System Logging



Disk Management


 Disk Management – Part I


 Disk Management – Part II – Creating partitions with fdisk


 Disk Management – Part III – File Systems



User Management


 Managing Users and Groups, Part One


 Managing Users and Groups, Part Two


 Switching Users, Running Commands as Others, and sudo





 TCP/IP Networking for Linux System Administrators


 Networking – DNS and hostnames


 Networking – DHCP, Dynamic and Static Addressing


 Network Troubleshooting, Part I


 Network Troubleshooting, Part II



Managing Processes and Jobs


 Processes and Job Control


 Scheduling Jobs with Cron


Linux Permissions


 File and Directory Permissions, Part One


 File and Directory Permissions, Part Two


 Special Permission Modes, Part I


 Special Permission Modes, Part II



Managing Software


 Installing Software


Viewing and Editing Files


 Viewing Files and the Nano Editor


 The vi editor




 Graphical editors


Shell Scripting


 Shell Scripting, Part One


 Shell Scripting, Part Two





 Conclusion – Congratulations and Thank You!




Bonus – Command Line Kung Fu


 Tab completion


 Repeat as Root


 Rerun a command ing with a string


 Reuse arguments


 Strip out comments and blank lines


 Reuse the last item from the previous command


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