HTML & CSS3 Design

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HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design



 Welcome To HTML & CSS!


 A Look At What We’ll Build


.Let’s Get Started!


 Programs I’ll Be Using


 In The Beginning…HTML Fundamentals


 Understanding What CSS Is All About


 Viewing A Page’s Background Code


.Gettin’ Your Files Organized!


 Organizing Site Files


 Creating A Page And Understanding Index Files


 Setting Up An External Style Sheet


.Doin’ Nuthin’? Let’s Build A Web Layout From Scratch!


 Setting Up The Page Structure


 Connecting The External Style Sheet And Testing


 Inserting And Formatting The Site Header


 Finishing Up The Basic Layout


 Debugging For Internet Explorer


 Understanding How The Layout Works


 Using Divs For Page Layout


 A More Economical Approach To Layout And CSS (Free Lesson!)


 Using Float And Clear


 Centering The Layout


 Nesting Layout Objects


 Spacing Apart The Layout


 Final Touches


.Insertin’ And Formattin’ Text!


 Inserting Text Into The Layout


 Setting Up Paragraphs And Headings


 Adjusting The Layout For Text, Part  


 Adjusting The Layout For Text, Part  


 Formatting HTML Headings With CSS


 Formatting Paragraphs


 Using Class Rules To Format Text


 More Formatting With Class Rules


 Working More Efficiently With CSS


 Inserting And Formatting Lists


 Using A List To Build The Main Navigation Menu


 Setting Up The Footer Navigation


.Now It’s Time For Some Graphics!


 Inserting An Image


 Resizing Images With Your Graphics Editor


 Controlling Graphics With CSS


 Inserting The FeatureBox Images (Free Lesson!)


 Adjusting The FeatureBox Layout


 Setting Up The FeatureBox Titles


 Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, And CSS Workflow


.Site Rollout: From A Single Page To A Multi-Page Site!


 Getting Ready For Site Rollout


 How To Not Roll Out A Website


 Rollout Part _Setting Internal Hyperlinks


 Rollout Part _Creating The Site’s Pages


 Previewing And Testing The Site


 A Final Thought On Site Rollout


.Inserting Additional Page Elements!


 Adjusting The Site’s Hyperlink Formatting


 Inserting A Simple Slideshow


 Inserting And Formatting Tables


 Inserting A Google Map


 Formatting A Customer Testimonial Page


 Setting Up A Contact Us Page


 Finalizing The Site


 Organizing The CSS File


.Going Live: Uploading the Completed Site!


 Setting The Remote Site Info


 Uploading The Local Site To The Remote Server


 Testing The Live Site


 Making Edits And Updating The Live Site


 Testing And Debugging For Other Browsers

.Wrapping Up HTML & CSS


 Where to go from here


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