HR Analytics Using R

The Module will teach you to:

• Investigate what part does the objective factors of the company play to influence in attrition of employees

• Understand the working environment that causes attrition

• Comprehend the steps involved in data preparation.

• Get proficient in methods to measure Central Tendency, Variability and Shape of data.

• Get involved in better hiring practices

• Learn the skill of task automation

• Acquire skill in Process improvement

• Get more competent in managing a productive workforce

• Learn different types of plots

• Grasp to summarize the data graphically

• Get proficient in doing improved workforce planning through informed talent development

• Become proficient in graphical analysis of the data.

• Put in machine learning on HR Data for futuristic insights.

Module - Course Content

Section : Module : Analytical Definition and Application


 Analytics Part-2


Section : Module : About R: R Installation


 R Introduction

 R studio installation & how to update R regulary


Section : Module : Entering and Reading data/Data Import and Export


 Importing and Exporting Data in R

 Importing and Exporting Data in R Part-2

 Exporting Data in R


Section : Module : Operators in R


 Operators of R

 Operators of R Part-2


Section : Module : Data Types and Data Structures


 Data Structure

 Data Structure Part-2

 Data Structure Part-3


Section : Module : Handling packages in R


 Handling packages in R


Section : Module : Subsetting Data in R


 Subsetting Data in R

 Subset Command


Section : Module : Data Management in R


 Data Management in R

  Adding, Removing Row, Column


Section : Module : Descriptive Statistics


 Descriptive Statistics in R


Section : Module : Apply Family in R


 Apply Family

 Apply Family Part-2

 Apply Family Part-3


Section : Module : Aggregate and Table Command


 Aggregate Function in R 

 Aggregate Table Function & Use

 Aggregate Table Function & Use Part-2


Section : Module : Data Manipulation in R


 Data Manipulation in R

 Data Manipulation in R Part- 2


Section : Module : Summarising the data graphically


 Basic Graphs 

 Basic Graphs Part-2

 Box Plot

 Bar Plots


 Pie Charts


Section : Module : ggplot – Graphical Analysis

 GG Plot Intro

 ggscatter_plot 1

 ggscatter_plot Part- 2

 GG Bar Plot

 GG Plot Heat Map


Section : Multi-Linear Regression


 Multi-Linear Regression in R

 Multi-Linear Regression in R Part-2



Section : Module : Logistic Regression


 Logistic Regression In R

 Logistic regression model

 Logistic regression model Part 2


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