HR Analytics Using Excel Dashboard

Acquihiring good people, developing them and then taking steps to retain them is an intricate task. To help them out perform their mundane tasks and analyze data well, dashboards can play a very effective role. Simply gathering data on excel sheets would not be helpful it requires to speak for further decision making. This is when HR analytics comes to aid for aggregating data in a meaningful way. In turn, that lets your business make data driven decisions. In this training we start right from scratch from planning index designing and tab designing to finishing the entire dashboard supported with interactive charts and graphs. This will help you create a powerful analysis for HR data. You will also learn how to create and use Pivot table and charts effectively to arrange and analyze your data.

Module - Course Content

Section : Introduction


 Introduction to Creation of HR Dashboard and Analytics

Section : Data Introduction


 Final Data

 More on Data


Section : Index Design and Tab Designing

 Index Design

 Tab Designing

  Tab Designing Continues


Section : Employee Frontface

 Employee Frontface

 Employee Frontface Continues

 Employee Database View


Section : Pivot Data List

 Pivot Data List

 Pivot Data List Continues

 Change Pivot Table Data Source


Section : MOM Headcount

 MOM Headcount

 MOM Attrites and MOM Hires

 MOM Attrites and MOM Hires Continues


Section : Departmental and Location Analysis


 Departmental and Location Analysis

 Departmental and Location Joinees Exits Analysis

 Attrition Percentage


Section : Tenure wise Analysis


 Tenure wise Analysis

 Employee Demographics

 Age wise Analysis


Section : Age wise Analysis


Age wise Analysis

 Age wise Analysis Continues


Section : Emp Demo and Quality Circles


 Employee Demo

 Quality Circles

 Leave Analysis

 Leave Analysis Continues




Section : Emp Demo and Quality Circles


Employee Demo

Quality Circles

Leave Analysis

Leave Analysis Continues


Section : Time Sheet Late Marks Analysis


Time Sheet Late Marks Analysis

Evaluate Formula


Section : Full and Final Analysis


Full and Final Analysis

More on F and F Analysis


Section : Training Analysis


Training Analysis


Section : Employee Compensation Frontface


Employee Compensation Frontface

Employee Compensation Frontface Continues

Payroll and OMS

More on OMS


Section : Job Rating Analysis


Job Rating Analysis

Department Salary

Working on Bonus


Section : HR Update

HR Update

HR Update Continues

HR Update – Recruitment





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