Hands On Projects in RPA

  • Master the Robot Implementation by actually working on few use cases
  • You will be exploring the UiPath’s most commonly used activities
  • By the end of the course, you will be capable of working on real time projects
  • You will be confident enough to attend the interviews
  • Get downloadable resources for hands-on
  • Projects : Generate Employee ID and Email ID Process (Beginner level)
  • Project 2- RPA Challenge (Beginner level)
  • Project 3- Sales Report Generation Process(Beginner level)
  • Project 4- RPA Challenge (Using RE Framework) (Intermediate level)
  • Project 5- Recipe Scrapping Process (Using RE Framework) (Intermediate level)
  • Project 6- HR Employee Admission Process (Using RE Framework) (Advanced level)
  • Project 7- Grade Management Process (Using RE Framework+Orchestrator) (Advanced level)

Hands on Projects in RPA




What You’ll Get In This Course


RPA UiPath – Learning RoadMap


What Is Robotic Process Automation(RPA)?


What Is UiPath?


UiPath Installation Guide


Bookmark the Course Resources



UiPath User Interface Overview


UiPath – Home Screen


Creating Simple ‘Hello World’ Robot


UiPath-Ribbons (Home,Design and Debug)


Project Panel


Activities Panel


Properties Panel


Output Panel



Project  – Generate Employee ID and MailID Process


Generate Employee ID and MailID – Demo


Project Creation and Initial Setup


Type Into Activity & Selector Intro


Using Check Activity


How To Fetch The Values From Screen


Asking The User For The Inputs


Project  – Source Code


Project  – RPA Challenge


RPA Challenge Demo



Reading Excel File


Launching Website


Fetch Each Record


Handling Dynamic Selectors


Final Run



Project  – Sale Report Generation Process


Sales Report Generation – Demo


.Reading the .csv file


.Copying Files And Replacing Text In Word Files


.Launching A Desktop Application


.Converting Word Files To PDF Format


.Getting Files From A Directory


.For Each Activity Explanation And Final Run!!


Project  – Source Code



Exploring RE Framework


REFramework Introduction And It’s Benefits


Understanding RE Framework Concept



RE Framework Architecture


Main File


IntItAll State


Get Transaction Data State


Process State


End Process State



Project  – RPA Challenge


RPA Challenge – Business


Data Entry Process – Demo


.RPA Challenge Initial Project Setup


.Launching The Website Using Retry Scope


.Downloading The Input File


.Updating Data


.Reading Configuration File


.Debbuging InitAllSettings Workflow


.Integrating Launch Application Workflow


.Reading The Input File


.Handling Failure


.Handling The Transaction Flow


.Configuring Process State And Set Transaction State


.Data Entry Process – The Final Run!!!


Project  – Source Code



Project  – Recipe Scrapping Process


Recipe Scrapping Process – Business & Demo


.Recipe Scrapping Process – Initial Project Setup


.User Input


.User Input


.Launching The Taste Site


.Search For The Recipe


.Data Scrapping Process


.Navigating To Recipe URL


.Extracting Ingredients


.Scrapping Method Of Preparation


.Handling Dynamic Selectors


.Replacing Recipe Name With Dynamic Values


.Writing The Data To Text File


.Integrating User Input Workflow


.Integrating Website Launch Workflow


.Configuring Get Transaction Data State


.Integrating Recipe Search Workflow


.Happy Path Walkthrough


.Implementation Of Exception Handling Mechanism


.Understanding Exception Mechanism Using Debug Mode


.Final Run!!


Project  – Source Code



Project  – HR Employee Admission Process


HR Employee Admission Process – Business & Demo


.HR Employee Admission Process – Initial Project Setup


.Retrieving The Input


.String Manipulations Overview


.Reading Appointment Letter


.Understanding Substring() & IndexOf() Methods


.Understanding Split() Method


.PDF Data Extraction


.PDF Data Extraction


.Reading Payroll Form


.DOC Data Extraction


.DOC Data Extraction


.Launching The HR-Portal


.Data Entry Process


.Extracting Employee ID and MailId


.Adding Data To The Master Sheet


.Organizing The Project Structure


. Integrating Get_Input_Files.xaml


.Configuring Get Transaction Data State


.Retrieving The File Names


.Integrating GetDataFromAppointmentLetter.xaml


. Integrating GetDataFromPayrollForm.xaml


.Integrating Get_EmpID_n_MailID.xaml


.Empoyee ID and MaiId Generation Testing


. Integrating AppendDataToMasterSheet.xaml


.Configuring Set Transaction Status File


.Happy Path Testing


.Exceptions Testing


.Final Run!!!


Project  – Source Code



Exploring UiPath Orchestrator


.Orchestrator Overview


















.Assets Intro


.Exploring Assets



Project  – Grade Management System Process


Grade Management System Process – Business




.Implementation Plan


.Dispatcher Project Setup


.Reading The “MasterMarksSheet”


.Configuring Set Transaction Data State


.Workflow To Push Excel Records To Orchestrator Queue


.Understanding Dispatcher Workflow(RE Framework Mechanism)


.Dispatcher – Final Run!!


.Performer Project Setup


.Launching The Desktop App


.Get Transaction Data State Setup


.Fetching The Item From Queue-Done Using Debugging


.Data Entry Process


.Data Scrapping Process


.Setting Up Email Notification


.Get Credentials From Orchestrator


.End-To-End Dubugging


.Publishing The Project To Orchestrator


.Final Run!!!


Project  – Source Code


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