GSEC Certification – Security Essentials

Areas Covered

  • Active defense, defense in depth, access control & password management
  • Cryptography: basic concepts, algorithms and deployment, and application
  • Defensible network architecture, networking & protocols, and network security
  • Incident handling & response, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
  • Linux security: structure, permissions, & access; hardening & securing; monitoring & attack detection; & security utilities
  • Security policy, contingency plans, critical controls and IT risk management
  • Web communication security, virtualization and cloud security, and endpoint security
  • Windows: access controls, automation, auditing, forensics, security infrastructure, & securing network services

GSEC Certification - Security Essentials

Build GSEC lab


 .Lab Requirement


 .Download the requirement


 .Setup the Lab Part  1


 .Setup the lab Part  2


 .Setup the lab Part  3


 .Setup the lab Part  4


Networking Concepts




 .Network Basics


 .Internet Protocol – IP


 .OSI Model Part  1


 .OSI Model Part  2


 . TCPIP Model


 .Default Gateway




 .Network Architecture Components


 .Types of Network


 .TCP Commands




Defense in Depth


 .Defense in Depth


 .Important Definitions Part 1-2




 .Due Care and Due Diligence


 .Security Documents


 .The Relationship Between Security Document Types


 .Security Document Types


 . Policy Sample


 .The Relationship Between Security Document Types


 .Access Control






 . Single Sign on SSO


 .Access Control Attack


 .Password Hacking techniques


 .Default Password


 .Important tool  


 .Cain in Action






 . Web application vulnerability






 What is SQL Injection


 SQL Injection attack  


 . SQL Injection attack  


 . XSS Introduction


 . Reflected XSS


 .Stored XSS


 .Major Web Application vulnerabilities


Internet Security Technologies




 ..Introduction to Maleware


 .Types of Malware


 .Create a virus


 .Creating a Virus using a Tool


 .Can I Bypass the AV


 .Introduction to Denail of Service


 .Denial of Service Attack Demonstration  


 .Denial of Service Attack Demonstration  


 .Denial of Service Attack Demonstration  


 .What is Buffer Overflow


 .How to search for Buffer Overflow


 .Buffer Overflow Part  


 .Buffer Overflow Part  


 . Buffer Overflow Part  


 .IDS, Firewalls, Honeypots






 ..Intrusion Detection System – IDS


 . What is Social Engineering –


 .Fake Email – Spoofing


 .Social Engineering Toolkit


 .Phising Credential Harvest –


 .Advanced Social engineering technique


 .Network Scanning Overview


 .Important Scanning Defination


 .Network Scanning Methology


 .Identifying Live system


 .Port Scanning


 .Advanced Scanning Techniques


OS Security


 . Introduction


 . Securing Passwords  


 . Securing Operating Systems  


 . Firewalls  


 . Securing Network Switches  


 . Securing Network Routers  


 . Securing Wireless Networks  


 . IDS, IPS, and Honeypots  


 . Antiviruses  


 .OS Security


 . Encryption  


 . Physical Security  


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