Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer

This course will teach you all the topics covered in the exam blueprint including:

  • Google Global Network
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Load Balancing
  • Hybrid Connectivity
  • GKE Networking
  • Organizations IAM roles
  • Monitoring and Logging on GCP
  • Optimizing Cost & Performance

The Google Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification is designed for students with at least 1 year’s hands-on experience with the Google Cloud Platform. You will require some basic enterprise-level network design experience and familiarity with Cloud Shell. Students will need to have a Google Cloud Console account so you can participate in labs and a GitHub account to access code snippets and scripts.o prior coding experience is required, but you will be coding in the course.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer





Exam Guide


Additional Resources


RFC IP Address Allocation for Private Internets


Identity and Access Management


Identity Access Management


Network IAM Roles


Service Accounts


Designing, Planning and Implementing a VPC Network


GCP Global Network


Making a VPC


VPC Routes


VPC Firewall Rules


VPC Peering


Shared VPC


Cloud NAT


Private Google Access


Kubernetes, Clusters & VPC Interactions


Kubernetes Cluster Networking


GKE Cluster IP Allocation


GKE Private Clusters


Shared VPC Clusters


Network Policy


Load Balancing


Load Balance Overview


Global Load Balancer – HTTPs and Use Cases


TCP & SSL Global Load Balancers


Network Load Balancer


Internal Load Balancing


Managed Instances


Network Endpoint Groups


Cloud Armor Policies – Whitelisting and Blacklisting IPs



DNS and CDN Network Services


Cloud DNS and CDN


Managed DNS Zones


DNS Forwarding and DNS Peering


DNS Security


Content Delivery Network


Cloud CDN Cache Control


Signed URLs


Monitoring Network Operations


Managing Network Operations


VPC Flow Logs


Firewall Rule Logs


Cloud Monitoring




Hybrid Networks


Hybrid Connections


Dedicated Interconnect


Partner Interconnect


Cloud VPN


VLAN attachments


Cloud Router


Peered Connections


Highly Available Connections



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