Getting Started with SQL Bootcamp

Are you a student or professional in the field of data science, business or systems analysis, product or maybe even contemplating an educational or career move to the SQL development world? Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to get up and running with SQL Server 2017, SQL Querying & Reporting, and don’t want to go through an overwhelming amount of material just to get your environment setup and ready for building your SQL queries that interact with data? Don’t worry as THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU! 


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Getting Started with SQL Bootcamp

Section : Introduction


. Introduction



. Installation of SQL Server  & SSMS



. Connect To Sql Server



. Create Sample Database (MediaStoreDb)



. Generate a Database Relationship Diagram


Section : SELECT


. Get all Customer Details



. Get all Album Details



. Get Customer Fields



. Get Track Fields



. Get Employee Fields


Section : Column Alias


. Display Customer Phone Number using Custom Field Name



. Display Track Unit Price using Custom Field Alias


Section : DISTINCT


. Get Customers Unique Countries



. Get Employee Titles


Section : WHERE(=,<>,>,<,>=,LIKE,BETWEEN,IN


. Get Tracks having Track Length




. Customers having Last Name Condition



. Tracks Starting With The Letters A – F



. Tracks Not Starting With The Letters A- F



. Get Invoices Between Two Dates



. Get Customers from California and Florida



. Get Management Level Employees



. Get IT Staff Level Employees



. Customers in USA, Canada with Custom Last Name



. Customers not from USA with Custom Last Name



. Customers Missing a State Code




. Customers Living in Berlin Sorted



. Most Recent Orders between Two Dates



. Employees Sorted by Title and Last Name



. Tracks Having a Composer Sorted by Name


Section : TOP


. Last Five Invoices Created



. Top % of Tracks by Length



. First Ever Invoice Created


Section : Aggregates/GROUP BY (SUM,AVG,COUNT,MAX,)


. Total Price of Each Invoice



. Total Price of Each Invoice with Condition



. Average Track Length



. Customer Count by Country



. Countries Having Less than Customers



. Invoice Count per Customer



. Longest Running Track and Total Tracks



. Average Runtime, Total Price, Highest Bytes,Total Tracks (All Albums)



. Average Runtime, Total Price, Highest Bytes,Total Tracks (Per Album)


Section : Concatenation


. Customer Display Name (Last, First)



. Apply % Discount of Track’s Unit Price


Section : Inner Queries/SubQueries


. Tracks Having Runtime Smaller than Average



. Customers with Invoices More Than Some Amount



. Tracks Having No Sales



. Genres Having No Sales


Section : Joins (INNER, LEFT,RIGHT)


. Customer, Invoice Info for Orders Placed Before March



. Invoice Details for a Specific Customer



. Total Daily Sales by Sales Agent



. Customers Having Zero Orders Placed



. Albums that Generated Zero Sales


Section : Stored Procedures


. Overview



. Create and Alter Your First Stored




. Excel GetCustomers Report


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