Getting Started With AI, Machine Learning and Python

Artificial Intelligence has already become an indispensable part of our everyday life, whether when we browse the Internet, shop online, watch videos and images on social networks, and even when we drive a car or use our smartphones. AI is widely used in medicine, sales forecasting, space industry and construction.

Since we are surrounded by AI technologies everywhere, we need to understand how these technologies work. And for such understanding at a basic level, it is not necessary to have a technical or IT education.

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Getting Started With AI, Machine Learning and Python




Introduction to AI


History of Artificial Intelligence



Main Concepts and Algorithms in Machine Learning


Difference between AI, Machine learning and Deep Learning


Supervised vs Unsupervised Machine Learning


Linear Regression. How to predict flat prices in Excel


Classification problems in Machine learning


Clustering problems in Machine learning



Python programming



Python setup. Anaconda distributive.


Basic commands in Python


If – Else statement


While statement


Predicting flat prices with linear regression in Python


Predicting country’s GDP based on oil prices


Predicting survivors from Titanic Classification problem using SVM algorithm


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