Fundamentals of PHP

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Fundamentals of PHP

Introduction to the Course


 What Is PHP?


 What Is PHP Used For?


Getting started with PHP Programming


 Setting up a Web Server


 Commenting Code




 Outputting to a Page


 Arithmetic Operators




 If Statements


 Comparison Operators


 Triple Equals


 Logical Operators


 Switch Statement


 Basic Arrays


 Multi-dimensional Arrays


 While Loop


 Do While Loop


 For Loops










 Embedding PHP within HTML


 A better way to display HTML


 Arrays Part  1


 Arrays Part  2


 Cookies Part  1


 Cookies Part  2




 Radio Buttons


Exploring PHP Functions


 PHP Functions You Should Know Part  1


 PHP Functions You Should Know Part  2


 PHP Functions You Should Know Part  3


 String Functions Part  1


 String Functions Part  2


 Date and Time Part  1


 Date and Time Part  2


Creating Dynamic Web Pages with PHP


 Part  1


 Part  2


 Part  3


PHP Object Oriented Programming


 Classes, Methods and Properties




 Constructor Method


 Protecting Methods_Properties


 Extending a Class (Inheritance)


 Scope Resolution Operators


 Class Constants


 Static Properties and Methods


PHP Object Oriented Programming Projects


 Calculator Application Example


 MySQL Database Example Part  1


 MySQL Database Example Part  2


 MySQL Database Example Part  3


Common PHP Errors You Will Encounter


 PHP Error Reporting


 Changing Maximum File Upload Size


 Access Denied


 Undefined Index


 Cannot Modify Header Information


 Supplied Argument Not a Valid MySQL Result


 Unexpected $end


PHP Security


 File Includes


 File Uploading


 Null Byte


 Passing Variables


 Session Hijacking




 SQL Injection


 XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)


Intermediate and Advanced PHP Programming




 Using Single or Double Quotes


 Indenting Code


 Anonymous Functions




 Ternary Operator


 Browser Identification


 Self Submitting Forms


 Include and Require


 Quickly Return True_False


 Tree Structures


 Explode – String to Array


 Implode – Array to String


 Array Dereferencing


 Creating Images with PHP


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