Data Visualization using Matplotlib and Python

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Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib



 Getting Matplotlib And Setting Up


Different types of basic Matplotlib charts


 Section Introduction


 Basic matplotlib graph


 Labels, titles and window buttons




 Bar Charts




 Scatter Plots


 Stack Plots


 Pie Chart


 Loading data from a CSV


 Loading data with NumPy


 Section Conclusion


Basic Customization Options


 Section Introduction


 Source for our Data*


 Parsing stock prices from the internet*


 Plotting basic stock data*


 Modifying labels and adding a grid*


 Converting from unix time and adjusting subplots*


 Customizing ticks*


 Fills and Alpha*


 Add, remove, and customize spines*


 Candlestick OHLC charts*


 Styles with Matplotlib*


 Creating our own Style*


 Live Graphs*


 Adding and placing text*


 Annotating a specific plot*


 Dynamic annotation of last price*


 Section Conclusion


Advanced Customization Options


 Section Introduction


 Basic suplot additions*


 Subplotgrid *


 Incorporating changes to candlestick graph*


 Creating moving averages with our data*


 Adding a High minus Low indicator to graph*


 Customizing the dates that show*


 Label and Tick customizations*


 Share X axis*


 Multi Y axis*


 Customizing Legends*


 Section Conclusion


Geographical Plotting with Basemap


 Section Introduction


 Downloading and installing Basemap


 Basic basemap example


 Customizing the projection


 More customization, like colors, fills, and forms of boundaries


 Plotting Coordinates*


 Connecting Coordinates*


 Section Conclusion


D graphing


 Section Introduction


 Basic D graph example using wire_frame


 D scatter plots


 D Bar Charts


 More advanced Wireframe example


 Section Conclusion




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