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Knowasap provides best SAP S4 HANA SIMPLE FINANCE Training by our highly professional Instructor.

As part of the training you will learn about the architecture of SAP S/4 HANA Finance, configuring and using the various functionalities in S/4 HANA, designing the SAP Fiori applications, SAP finance central deployment in S/4 HANA finance and more through real world scenarios.

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Course completion certificate, Certification documents and materials, interview questions included.
  • Mode of Study – Online Self Learning
  • 24/7 support
  • Chat with Instructor in case of queries.
  • SAP HANA SIMPLE FINANCE ebook included

Duration of sap simple finance training Course:      sap simple finance training material,

40  hours                               

sap simple finance training Course Content : sap simple finance training material

Overview of S/4HANA        sap simple finance training material

    • Introducing SAP HANA
    • Introducing SAP S/4HANA
    • Journey from SAP HANA to SAP S/HANA
    • Key Facts about SAP S/4HANA
    • Differences between SAP Business Suite, SAP Business Suite on HANA and S/4HANA
    • Latest Versions of the software
  • Deployment Options

 Overview of the SAP S4 HANA SIMPLE FINANCE functions & Features

    • Introducing Simple Finance
    • Introducing Simple Finance Add-on           sap s4 hana simple finance
    • Advantages of Simple Finance
    • Universal Journal Entry
    • Prima Nota in Simple Finance  SAP S4 HANA SIMPLE FINANCE TRAINING 
    • Simulation: Analyzing Universal Journal Entry table: ACDOCA
    • Simulation: How to Extend General Ledger Coding Block
    • Tables Replaced with HANA Views and Back Up Tables
    • Simulation: Display Financial Tables in Simple Finance
    • Effect on Existing Programs and Interfaces built on the Tables Replaced
    • Key Innovations within SAP Simple Finance
    • Providing an overview of Reporting Options
    • Introducing SAP Fiori
        • Transactional Apps              sap s4 hana simple finance
        • Analytical Apps
      • Fact Sheets
    • Simulation: Post G/L Document in Fiori.
    • Simulation: How to Open/Close Posting Periods in Fiori for Company Codes and Ledgers
  • Simulation: Display Financial Statements Versions in Fiori

General Ledger Accounting  sap  SAP S4 HANA SIMPLE FINANCE TRAINING simple finance training  material

    • Manage Multiple Ledgers and Multiple Currency Types for Company Codes
        • Leading Ledger
        • Non-Leading Ledger
        • Extension Ledger aka Appendix Ledger
      • Stacked Ledger
    • Simulation: Post Documents in Multiple Ledgers , In Multiple Currencies and in Multiple Periods and Analyze the results
    • Accounting Principles
    • Simulation: Run FC valuation with new features
    • Overview on G/L Account Types
    • Merge of Cost Elements and G/L Accounts
    • Simulation: How to Create Primary Cost Element
    • Simulation: How to Create Secondary Cost Element
    • Simulation: How to create an Asset Accounts as a Statistical Cost Element
    • Simulation: Create Default Account Assignment
    • Simulation: Mange Posting Periods for Company codes /Ledgers
    • Simulation: Post Secondary Cost to Financial Accounting
    • Simulation: Create an Extension Ledger and post a document to it.
  • Configure Document Splitting Settings

New Asset Accounting     SAP S4 HANA SIMPLE FINANCE TRAINING, simple finance certification

    • Overview on Business Functions to be activated
    • New Functions in FI-AA (New)
    • Effects on Existing Settings (Transactions, Programs, etc.)
    • Overview and Simulation on Changes for users
        • Document Entry
        • Document Display
        • Asset Explorer
      • Depreciation Run
    • Test the FI-AA processes (acquisitions, retirements, depreciation) in SFIN2.0
    • Overview on Account Approach and Ledger Approach
    • Integration with the Universal Journal Entry
    • Posting Logic in New Asset Accounting
    • Overview on New Architecture in FI-AA
    • Simulation: Create Assets
    • Simulation: Post Integrated Asset Acquisitions
    • Simulation: Post a Partial Scrapping to an Asset
    • Simulation: Execution Depreciation posting run and Analyzing the Log
  • Simulation: Manage Depreciation Runs

Controlling     simple finance certification

    • Understanding the new architecture of Controlling Module
    • Integration of Controlling with Financial Accounting
        • Define a document types for postings in Controlling
        • Define document type mapping variant for CO business transactions
        • Check and Default values for posting in controlling
      • Define Ledger group for CO version
    • Explain COPA and Material Ledger in simple Finance
    • Simulation: Post and Analyze Cost of Goods Sold
    • Simulation: Process Purchase to Invoice (Material Ledger update)
    • Simulation: Repost costs with/without Ledger Group specific and Analyze the accounting entry created.
    • Simulation: How to check the configuration for Splitting Price Differences
  • Simulation: Post Price Differences: Variance Categories of Production Order

Central Finance          simple finance certification

    • Overview on OSS notes to be Implemented in Source System and Central Finance System
    • Overview on Business Functions to be Activated for Central Finance
    • Overview on Central Finance Architecture
    • Overview on Interfaces in Central Finance
    • Overview on Master Data Governance (MDG)
    • Configure Settings for Central Finance
        • General Settings
        • Mapping
      • Initial Load Settings
    • Overview on tables set up in SLT
    • Simulation: Initial Data Loading
    • Simulation: Replicate FI and CO Master Records from source system to Central Finance system
    • Simulation: Replicate FICO documents, Only CO document and Cost Objects (Internal Orders, Maintenance Orders, Process Orders)
    • Simulation: Replicate Document Changes, Reversal, Payment Document
    • Simulation: Replicate Accounting Document from P2P cycle and OTC cycle and analyze the results
    • Simulate: Document splitting test Cases from source system (Where New G/l was not activated) to Central Finance
    • Overview on Application Interface Framework (AIF)
  • How to Monitoring and Error Handling in AIF        simple finance certification


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  1. By rakesh on May 2, 2019
    I recently finished simple finance course. Instructor is an expert in his field, very knowledgeable. It was a very rewarding experience and well worth pursuing. Thanks to knowasap.
  2. By Keith on May 2, 2019
    Everything is good with the course , covered all the topics as mentioned. Good for aspirants wanted to learn simple finance
  3. By Nishant on May 2, 2019
    Just wanted to take a moment & thank knowasap for their support in helping me complete my Sap simple finance course. Self-paced training courses saves time and it was easy to understand and excellent. You guys truly have a detailed content & I wanted to thank Trainer for his effort's. Thank you!!
  4. By Ehan on May 6, 2019
    Nicely covered , everything is explained with examples. Thanks team!!
  5. By Fuwad on May 10, 2019
    Course is complete , valuable materials add to the learning, thanks team
  6. By Liban on May 16, 2019
    Easy to understand very briefly described with different scenarios.