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Instructors :

*Lifetime Access. 
*Course completion certificate, Certification documents and materials, interview questions and job assistance included SAP EWM online, SAP EWM TRAINING, sap ewm training in hyderabad

*SAP EWM E-BOOK  included (covering all configurations and integrations) SAP EWM E-BOOK DOWNLOAD

Process of study: self mode online learning

– Instructors of Knowasap created all courses for self paced learning purpose which saves time for candidate and  can learn on their own pace.

– Each topic is covered in best way possible to be understandable for fresher as well as experienced candidate.

– Email id of the instructor is  shared after course enrollment to clarify any doubt candidate have during learning.

– After enrollment, student is provided access to course which has Topic wise sessions, Assignments and Assessments as per the Course Curriculum.     

– Student learn at their own pace using these sessions. Access to Course material including Case studies, work books, Certification materials and documents is also provided within course  are downloadable.

– For Technical support queries, Support is provided 24/7. Student receives Course Completion Certificate at end.

SAP EWM online, ewm100 pdf,sap ewm training, sap ewm certification, sap ewm training in hyderabad

SAP EWM online, ewm100 pdf, sap ewm certification

Duration of sap ewm training:  sap ewm training in hyderabad

100+ hours

Topics Covered in sap ewm training are:   ewm100 pdf


  • Introduction to ECC – WM
  • Extended Ware House Management
  • Difference Between WMS and EWM
  • QRFC Connection (Between ECC and EWM) Setup complete  sap ewm certification


  • Plant, Storage Location, Shipping Point, Shipping Condition, Loading Group.
  • Mapping Plant/ Storage Location to ECC –> Warehouse
  • Link ECC –> Warehouse

EWM STRUCTURE SAP EWM online, sap ewm training in hyderabad

  • Organizational Units in EWM
  • Warehouse, Storage Type, Activity Areas
  • Exercise


  • Master Data Creation
  • CIF Process Overview
  • CIF Exercise
  • Vendor Master –> BP Roles
  • Customer Master –> BP Roles
  • Product Master
  • Bin Master — Create/Change/View
  • Pack spec Overview
  • Master Data


  • Outbound Delivery Flow
  • Inbound Deliver Flow
  • Linking ECC –> EWM Documents


  • Inbound Delivery Notification
  • Inbound Delivery
  • Outbound Delivery Notification
  • Outbound Delivery Order
  • Outbound Delivery
  • Warehouse Order
  • Warehouse Task


  • Putaway Process and strategies
  • Process Oriented Storage Control – POSC
  • Layout Oriented Storage Control – LOSC
  • Packing, HU Management, Pack spec
  • Deconsolidation
  • VAS
  • EWM Quality Management
  • Slotting and Rearrangement                    sap ewm training in hyderabad

Putaway Strategies:

  • Fixed Storage Bin
  • Addition to Existing Stock
  • General Storage
  • Empty Storage bin
  • Near Fixed Picking bin
  • Pallet Storage
  • Bulk Storage


  • GI Process and Stock Removal Strategies
  • Packing Specifications and Condition technique for packing specifications
  • WOCR
  • Wave Processing
  • Replenishment


  • FIFO
  • LIFO
  • SLED
  • Fixed Storage bin
  • Partial quantities first
  • Stock Removal Suggestion according to Quantity
  • Preferred Unit of Measure last


  • Monitor Overview          sap ewm certification             
  • Warehouse Management Monitor
  • Easy Graphics Framework
  • Monitor Capabilities
  • Configuration of Warehouse Monitor

SHIPPING AND RECEIVING                                                    

  • Master Data:
  • Create Vehicles and TU for Inbound and Outbound Process
  • Business Process i.e Shipping and Receiving activity
  • Transportation Planning for inbound and Outbound in ERP and in EWM
  • Assignment of Deliveries to Vehicles and TU’s
  • Loading and Unloading, Complex Loading and Unloading
  • Loading and Unloading with RF
  • Integration of ERP deliveries in Shipping and Receiving
  • Integration of ERP shipment in Shipping and Receiving
  • Staging area and Door Determination

HANDLING UNIT MANAGEMENT                     ewm100 pdf

  • Packaging Materials
  • Packaging Specifications
  • Packing during Deliveries
  • Packing at Work centre
  • Packing during WT confirmation
  • Packing using RF
  • Deconsolidation using RF


  • Resource, Resource Type, Resource Group
  • Assignment of Warehouse Order to Resource
  • Queue’s


  • Wave
  • Processing of Waves
  • Two Step Picking


  • VAS order
  • GR process with VAS order
  • GI process with VAS order
  • Warehouse internal process with VAS order


  • Labor Management overview
  • Master data in Labor Management, i.e. Processor, Formula and Condition Editor
  • Configuration settings for LM
  • Indirect Labor
  • Engineered Labor Standards
  • Planned and Executed workload


  • Staging Area/ Door
  • Door Assignment
  • Check Point
  • Check in and Check out operations
  • TU /Vehicle Overview
  • GI At TU Level


  • Configuration settings for RFID
  • RFID process in GR and GI process
  • Auctions in RFID:
  • Automatic Loading and Unloading with RFID
  • Automatic Packing with RFID
  • RFID with Resources


  • Structure of MFS’s
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • MFS in Easy Graphics Framework
  • Resource
  • MFS in Warehouse management monitor
  • Exception handling


  • Periodic Physical inventory process
  • Continuous physical inventory process
  • Cycle Counting process


  • Planned Cross docking
  • Opportunistic Cross docking
  • Exception handling in CD
  • Work centre determination in CD



Outlining the Post Processing Framework

Applying the Post Processing Framework in Delivery Processing

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  1. By amit on July 28, 2018
    I completed the course, covered all concepts in a very informative way, instructor is best. feeling confident preparing for interviews. Wroth saving time and money
  2. By Vinay on September 11, 2018
    finally I have full assurance about my implementation of EWM projects. with all concepts cleared and precious notes made by instructor plus they have included E-book made the best course available for EWM learners.
  3. By Rahul on July 24, 2018
    I seriously saved my time by taking this course, learn at your own pace and instructor is so clear with subject knowledge that really help us to understand in more efficient way. All concepts like - POSC, LOSC, DECONSOLIDATION, CROSS DOCKING, WAVE MANAGEMENT, COMPLEX OUTBOUND AND INBOUND SCENARIOS AND PROCESS, VAS, EWM QM INTEGRATION etc were best explained. Thanks Team.
  4. By Vir on September 23, 2018
    Thanks knowasap Team, definitely gonna enroll for S4 HANA EWM also. Keep it up, instructor is seriously best in industry.
  5. By srinivasan on July 24, 2018
    Finally completed all the sessions feeling confident about all the topics. its first time I am learning about warehouse topics but this course helped me lot to understand and EWM is much more advance in compare to WM. 5 stars to instructor, Thanks.
  6. By Prahlad on October 3, 2018
    if you want to work in the industry as SAP EWM Consultant - take this course. This is a behind the scenes of how major companies actually work on SAP EWM. Seems to be intended for all levels of learners. each and every topic is covered hats off to instructor.
  7. By narendra on August 12, 2018
    Excellent course on SAP EWM . This has helped to get a good grip on SAP EWM system and also helped me to build a solid base for all complex outbound & inbound , wave, slotting, RF, EWM integrations, ppf, and all other topics. All documents and Instructor made configuration notes can be downloaded, very happy thanks!!!
  8. By sachin on August 12, 2018
    This course is nothing short of excellent. In the process of new learning, I did quite a bit of research and wasted a lot of money buying materials and tutorials online until I saw this course online. This course in terms of delivery, clarity and quality gave me a very clear understanding about SAP EWM. Go over this a few times and you should have a very solid foundation, Best course for EWM.
  9. By Kunal on August 12, 2018
    for long time I was looking for EWM course and finally I choose knowasap , truly they have skilled instructor. its time saving and course is excellent made. all concepts covered in different scenarios as well. Thanks to all !!!
  10. By Akansha on August 12, 2018
    each session is about 2 hours , every topic is well explained and covered different scenarios as well, very very skilled teacher. Best way to learn EWM and Thanks for sharing project notes as well which is best usefull for learning purpose as well.