SAP EWM, WM, HUM Complete Course


Instructors :

sap warehouse management, sap ewm

This course is combined with our SAP EWM and SAP WM-HUM course to benefit the candidates and gain knowledge of all these modules on the price of one. 

Course content for SAP EWM (instructor – Shri) –

Course content for SAP WM, HUM (instructor –  Prateek)–

  • Lifetime Access.
  • Course completion certificate, Certification documents and materials, interview questions,job assistance included.
  • Mode of learning –online self learning
  • 24/7 support.
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Duration of sap EWM, WM, HUM training:  

220+ hours

The course will give you a solid fundamentals and comprehensive knowledge of the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Warehouse Management (WM), Handling unit management (HUM) business processes and customizing. After completing the course you will understand the basic and advanced business processes and functions, the configuration of important business processes and features of SAP EWM, WM , HUM.

What do you get from this SAP WM and HUM coursewarehouse management system

  • To have a clear understanding of the organizational structures in Warehouse Management and use the elements of Warehouse Management to map spatial conditions.
  • To configure the control of putaway, stock removal, and stock transfer activities at master data and Customizing levels
  • To Integrate Warehouse Management into Logistics in SAP R/3
  • To  configure the interface between Inventory Management and Warehouse Management
  • To understand and use all the relevant master data in SAP WM.
  • To implement putaway and stock removal strategies in SAP WM
  • To take into account batch management and Quality Management in the warehouse.
  • To understand how to include Warehouse Management in delivery processes.
  • To stage components for production from the warehouse.
  • To set up the warehouse activity monitor as a control instrument.
  • To Setup and execute Physical Inventory at a storage bin level.
  • To Carry out Blue printing for you warehouse.
  • With this course on SAP Handling Unit Management you will learn in depth about Handling Unit Functionality
  • You will learn the configuration for Handling Units with and without warehouse.
  • You will learn how to work with Handling Units and Storage Units.
  • You will learn how to map procurement and distribution sub processes using handling units within a cross-process scenario
  • You will learn the Handling Unit output configuration and bar codes customization.
  • You will learn concepts and configuration of Storage Unit Management .
  • With this course on Handling Unit Management you will learn about the SAP RF solution concepts.
  • You will learn concepts of SAP RF Mobile Data entry.
  • You will learn how to configure and design your own RF menu in SAP.

What do you get from this SAP EWM:

  • Configure and create the required EWM organizational elements and master data
  • Configure the use of Storage Types, Storage Sections and Activity Areas for various EWM processes.
  • Set up process (POSC) and layout (LOSC) oriented storage control for goods receipt and good issue.
  • Configuration of  deconsolidation, wave picking, yard management, PPF, RF setting, kitting scenarios.
  • Configuration of integration between SAP EWM – QM, EWM – PP.
  • Configuration of VAS, completex inbound and outbound process.
  • Create the necessary EWM settings to perform replenishment.
  • Understand the use and processes related to posting changes in EWM.
  • Describe, configure and execute physical inventory processing.
  • Create the required settings and data in the system to perform slotting and rearrangement.
  • SAP EWM E-BOOK  included (covering all configurations and integrations) 

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Posted 3 months ago
best for those who are new to WM /EWM !!!

best for those who are new to WM /EWM !!!

Posted 3 months ago
Full detailed based course!!

covers from basic to advance configuration makes the course better!!

Posted 3 months ago
everything covered!!

the only course where I can learn RF , Bar codes and different scenarios in WM HUM as well as EWM.

Posted 3 months ago
Nice Learning experience!!

they have all it takes to learn EWM WM HUM , I am an ongoing learner and I am truley happy with the sessions and materials.

Posted 4 months ago
great and complete course delivered!!

great and complete course delivered!!

Posted 4 months ago
Much better than any other course in market!!

I now have a much better understanding on the EWM module, thanks alot team to make it a combo, appreciate it!!

Khush Bakht
Posted 4 months ago
completed the course, seriously learning to the core!!

completed the course, seriously learning to the core!!

Posted 4 months ago
just what I need for EWM WM learning!!!

just what I need for EWM WM learning!!!

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