Complete Salesforce Advance Administration Certification

  • Duration – 25 hour


This course is 100% aligned with the Salesforce Official exam guide for Advanced Administrator and covers the following topics –

> Security and Access

> Extending Custom Objects and Applications

> Process Automation

> Auditing and Monitoring

> Sales Cloud Applications

> Service Cloud Applications

> Data Management

> Content Management

> Change Management

> Reports and Dashboards


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Complete Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification


Getting Started




Cloud Computing


Salesforce Career Paths and Certifications


Leverage Trailhead


Understand the Advanced Administrator Exam guide


Salesforce Editions and Pricing


Setup your own Developer Edition Account!


Get an overview of Salesforce Standard Data Model



Extending Custom Objects and Applications  Custom Objects and Considerations


Section Overview


Extending Custom Objects and Applications  Introduction


Understanding the Enterprise data model – Field of Education


Creating Custom Objects and Tabs


Creating Custom Objects thro Schema Builder


Exploring Fields and Field Types


More about Text Field Types


Picklists and Multi-Select Picklists


Field Dependencies and Considerations


Considerations while converting Field Types




Extending Custom Objects and Applications  Relationships and Considerations


Object Relationships – Overview


Lookup Relationship – Overview


Considerations while using Lookup Relationship


Master-Detail Relationship – Overview


Considerations while using M-D Relationship


Relationship Conversion  Lookup to MD and vice-versa


Many-to-Many Relationship – Overview


Considerations while using Many-to-Many Relationship


Self Relationship


Hierarchial Relationhip



Extending Custom Objects and Applications  External Objects and Relationships


Configuring External Data Source and External Objects


Experimenting on the External Objects


Indirect Lookup Relationship


External Lookup Relationship



Considerations while using External Objects



Security and Access  Object Level Access


Section Overview


Security and Access – Overview


Managing Profiles


Profiles – Considerations


Permission Sets


Salesforce Licenses – User Licenses, Permission Set Licenses and Feature License



Security and Access  Record Level Access




OWD – Considerations


Role Hierarchy


Role Hierarchy – Considerations


Sharing Rules  Owner-based Sharing Rules


Sharing Rules  Criteria-based Sharing Rules


Manual Sharing


Manual User Record Sharing


Sharing Rules – Considerations


Manager Groups


Standard Report Visibility


Community and Portal User Visibility


Access to Record Types


Why someone is able to see a record?



Security and Access  Field Level Access


Field Level Security



Security and Access  Delegated Administration


Delegated Administration



Security and Access  Enterprise Territory Management


Enterprise Territory Management – Introduction


Enabling Enterprise Territory Management


Building a Territory Model


Creating Territory and Territory Hierarchy


Assigning Accounts to Territories


Assigning Users to Territories


Colloborate with Territory Models using Chatter


Activating Territory Model


Running Opportunity Territory Assignment Filter



Process Automation  Overview


Section Overview


Automation Tools in Salesforce – Overview



Process Automation  Troubleshoot an Approved Process


Approval Process – A quick recap


Troubleshoot an Approval Process


Considerations while using Approval Processes



Process Automation  Lightning Process Builder


Lightning Process Builder – Introduction


Using Process Builder to auto-create a record


Using Process Builder to auto-create child records


Using Process Builder to Update Child records


Using Process Builder to Execute Time-Dependent Actions


Using Process Builder to Send Email Alerts


Using Process Builder to Auto Submit Records for Approval


Using Process Builder to Configure Nested IF-ELSE conditions


Using Process Builder to Build and Use Invocable Process


Using Process Builder to Post to Chatter


Using Process Builder to perform Quick Actions


Process Builder Version Control Mechanism



Process Automation  When to use which tool?


Lightning Flow Builder


Automation Tool Combinations


Choose the Right Automation Tool



Data Management  Overview


Section Overview


Data Management Tools – Introduction


How to use Data Import Wizard?


How to use Apex Data Loader?



Data Management  Proactive Measures for Good Data Quality


Evaluating Incoming Data Sources


Enforce Data Entry Standards and Procedures


Use Validation Rules to enforce data entry standards


Considerations when mass importing records


Duplicate Management  Matching Rules



Duplicate Management  Duplicate Rules


Assign a Data Steward



Data Management  Reactive Measures for Data Quality Maintenance


Data Quality Reports and Dashboards


Merging Duplicate Accounts


Merging Duplicate Contacts


Merging Duplicate Leads


Mass Deleting Records



Data Management  Best Practices


Optimize your Data Visibility Structure


Data Skew



Data Management  Data Enrichment


Data Enrichment – Introduction


Using Salesforce for data enrichment


Third Party Apps


Social Accounts, Contacts and Leads



Data Management  Data Archival


What is Data Archival and how to handle it?


Various tools and options for archiving data – Part


Various tools and options for archiving data – Part



Auditing and Monitoring  Overview


Section Overview


What is Auditing and Monitoring?



Auditing and Monitoring  Auditing


Auditing using Record Modification Fields


Auditing using Login History


Auditing using Email Logs


Auditing using Email Logs  Considerations


Auditing using Field History Tracking


Auditing using Field Audit Trail


Auditing using Setup Audit Trail


Auditing using Login Forensics



Auditing and Monitoring  Monitoring


Monitoring  Security Health Check


Monitoring  System Overview


Monitoring  Storage Usage


Monitoring  Debug Logs – Configuration


Monitoring  Debug Logs – Testing


Monitoring  Jobs


Monitoring  Outbound messages


Monitoring  Time-Based Workflows


Monitoring  API Usage Notifications



Content Management


Section Overview


What is Content Management?


Using Attachments to maintain files


Using Documents to maintain files


Salesforce Knowledge


Add Google Docs to Salesforce


Salesforce Files



Content Management  Salesforce CRM Content


Salesforce CRM Content  Introduction and Setup


Salesforce CRM Content  Creating and Managing Libraries


Salesforce CRM Content  Configuring Record Types to Libraries


Salesforce CRM Content  Creating and Managing Content Packs


Salesforce CRM Content  Content Versioning


Salesforce CRM Content  Content Delivery



Change Management  Overview


Section Overview


What is Change Management??


Benefits of Change Management


Key Stages of Change Management


Development Methodology Options


Develop a Change Management Strategy



Change Management  Managing Sandboxes


Sandboxes and Sandbox Environment types


How to create a Sandbox?


Establish a deployment connection between Production and Sandbox


How to delete a Sandbox?


How to do a Sandbox Refresh?



Change Management  Metadata Export


What is Metadata and Metadata Export?


Metadata Export using IDE CLI and Automated Metadata Export



Change Management  Metadata Deployment


Salesforce Metadata Deployment – Overview


Salesforce Packages


Deployment of Metadata using Change Sets – Outbound


Deployment of Metadata using Change Sets – Inbound


Best Practices while using Change Sets


Deployment of Metadata using IDE


Deployment of Metadata using Snapshot



Sales Cloud Applications  Campaign Management


Section Overview


Executing a successful marketing campaign


Creating a new campaign


Setting up Campaign Hierarchy



Sales Cloud Applications  Lead Management


Steps for Effective Lead Management


Creating a new Lead


Lead Conversion Process



Sales Cloud Applications  Account and Contact Management


Account and Account Hierarchy


Configuring Account Team


Understanding Person Accounts


Account Contact Relationship – Contacts to Multiple Accounts



Sales Cloud Applications  Product Management


Create Products, Price Books and Price Book Entries



Sales Cloud Applications  Opportunity Management


Opportunity and Opportunity Products


Opportunity Product Scheduling – Quantity Scheduling and Revenue Scheduling


Opportunity Teams



Sales Cloud Applications  Quote Management


Enable Quotes


Create Quotes


Generate Quote PDF


Email Quote to Customer


Sync Quote to Opportunity



Sales Cloud Applications  Collaborative Forecasts


Colloborative Forecasting – Enable Forecasts


Adding Forecast Types


Configure Default Forecast Display


Enable Forecast Adjustments


Enable Cumulative Forecast Rollups


Enable Colloborative Forecast Users


Understanding Colloborative Forecast Hierarchy


View and Analyze Forecasts



Service Cloud Applications  Case Management


Creating a new case


Email-to-Case functionality


Case Assignment Rules


Case Escalation Rules



Service cloud Applications  Entitlement Management


Entitlement Management – Introduction


Enable Entitlement Management


Create Milestone


Create Entitlement Process


Add milestone to entitlement process


Add milestone actions


Activate Entitlement Process



Service Cloud Applications  Interaction between Support Agents and Customers


Configure Service Cloud Console App


Configure Agent Console Tab


Case Feed



Service Cloud Applications  Knowledge Management


Enabling Salesforce Knowledge


Configure Data Categories and Data Category Assignments


Configure Knowledge Validation Status


Configure Knowledge Article Actions


Create Article Types


Create and Publish Articles



Analytics,Reports and Dashboards


Understand Analytics using Reports and Dashboards


How to use Report Builder


Create and Use Tabular Reports


Create and Use Summary Reports


Create and Use Matrix Reports


Create and Use Joined Reports


Create Custom Report Types


Report Scheduling


Create Dashboards with Dashboard Components for Matrix and Summary Reports


Create Dashboards with Dashboard Components for Tabular and Joined Reports


Setup Dynamic Dashboard Filters


Scheduling Dashboard Refresh



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Instructor showed multiple ways of using a concept and how to solve the problem. Excellent course and lecture by the instructor.


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