CISM – Certified Information Security Manager

CISM (pronounced siz-zm) is a certification offered by ISACA that validates your knowledge and expertise in managing enterprise information security teams. Getting CISM certified puts you in high demand with employers around the world that recognize the achievement and capability CISM certification represents. CISM shows that you have an all-around knowledge of technical competence and an understanding of business objectives around data security.

CISM- Certified Information Security Manager



 Background needed


 GRC- Governance, Risk, Compliance


 Senior Management and GRC


 Senior Management and Risk


 Organization Structure


Domain  : Information Security Governance


 Introduction to Security Concepts


 Business Goals and Objective


 Information Security Governance


 CIA Triad


 Information Security components


 Security Program Objectives


 Information Security Governance Output.


 Define roles and responsibilities




 Governace of Third party


 Establish, monitor, evaluate and report metrics


Domain  : Information Risk Management and Compliance


 What is Risk


 Asset Evaluation


 Information Asset Register


 Classification Schemes


 Risk Register


 Alligment of Risk Asemment and BIA


 Business Impact Analysis – BIA


 Ethics Issue


 Control Types


 Control Catagory


 Evaluate information security controls

Domain  : Information Security Program Development and Management


 Establish and maintain the information security program


 Information Security Program Element


 Access Control












 Symetric Encryptian


 Asymetric Encryptian


 Network Arch




Domain  : Information Security Incident Management


 Information Security Incident Managment


 Incident Repsonse Team


 Incident Report












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