Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect 

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Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect

What is a CBSA


 Blockchain all or Nothing


Blockchain  – Terminology and Components


 Blockchain Terminology


 Blockchain Components


Objective-Difference between proof of work, proof of stake, & other proof systems & why they exist


 Difference between Consensus and why they exist


Objective – Why cryptocurrency is needed on certain types of blockchains


 Cryptocurrency Needed or not?


Objective – The difference between public, private, and permissioned blockchains


 Difference Between public, private or permissioned


Objective – How Blocks are written to a blockchain


 How blocks are written to blockchain


 Demo Block Activity


Objective – Where cryptography fits into blockchain and the most commonly used systems


 Cryptography fits into blockchain


 Demo – LTC Wallet


Objective – The common use cases for public blockchains


 Database or Blockchain?


Objective – The common use cases for public blockchains


 Commom Use Cases for public blockchains


Objective – Common use cases for private & permissioned blockchains


 Common Use Cases for private blockchains


Objective – What is needed to launch your own blockchain


 Launching your blockchain


Objective – Segwits and Forks


 Segwits and Forks


Objective – When is mining needed and when it is not


 Mining Requirements


 Genesis Mining


Objective – Byzantine Fault Tolerance


 Byzantine Fault Tolerancee


Objective – Consensus among Blockchains




Objective – Hashing


 Hashing Overview


 Demo – Anders Hashing Demo


Objective – Security in Blockchain and how addresses, public keys, and private keys work


 Security in Blockchains


Objective – What is a smart contract and dApps?


 Smart Contracts and Dapps


Objective – History of Blockchain


 History of Blockchain


Objective – The programming languages of the most common blockchains


 Blockchain Programming


Objective – Common testing and deployment practices for blockchains and blockchain-based apps


 Deploy and Test Apps


 Demo Metamask


Objective – Value Creation


 Value Creation


Objective – Blockchain Key Components


 Key Components


Objective – Blockchain Architecture


 Blockchain Architecture


 Enterprise Blockchains


Objective – Bitcoin Improvement Protocols


 Bitcoin Improvement Protocols (BIP)


Objective – Hyperledger


 Hyperledger Project


 Hyperledger Fabric


 Demo – IBM Blockchain as a Service


Objective – Hyperledger Composer


 Demo – IBM Blockchain as a Service


 Demo – Hyperledger Composer Playground


 Hyperledger Composer Playground

Objective – Hyperledger Chaincode


 Hyperledger Chaincode


 Whiteboard – Hyperledger Fabric


 Hyperledger Wiki


Objective – Ethereum


 Ethereum Overview


 Ethereum EVM


 Ethereum Browsers


 Ethereum Development


 Demo – Etherscan


 Demo – Ethernodes


Course Wrapup


 Blockchain Terminology Review


 Taking the CBSA Exam


 Discount Code Demo


 Blockchain Roles


 Bonus -Corda Whiteboard


 Bonus -Corda DemoBench


 Bonus – Ethereum Security


 Bonus – Ether Gas


 Bonus – BTC Explorer


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