Blue Prism RPA End to End

Robotics process Automation (or RPA) is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on software robots (Virtual Work force). RPA robots utilize the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications just like humans do. They interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other systems in order to perform on a vast variety of repetitive tasks. Only substantially better: an RPA software robot never sleeps, makes zero mistakes and costs a lot less than an employee.

In this Foundation Course, I will help you to understand features of blue prism, best practice used in development cycle and also help to find the suitable candidates for RPA which in return will help you to save cost and time. So that User are can spend their valuable time in productive task instead of spending in repeated mundane tasks.

Each section in this Tutorial will help you to shape your learning curve in better way. As we cover all the best practice & industry standards which will help you build reusable process, objects so that you/your team will not spend time doing the same piece of work repeatedly.


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Blue Prism End to End Course




About Instructor


Blue Prism – Introduction


What is Robotics Process Automation?


RPA Life cycle


Why Blue Prism?


Course Content


Trail Version Installation


Set Up


Blue Prism – Trail Edition – Local Installation



Blue prism Tool Overview


Unique Features of Blue prism


Infrastructure Overview


Basic Requirements for Blue Prism set up in personal desktop


Operational Architecture of Blue prism – Overview



Process Studio


What is Process Studio?


Difference between process and Object Studio


Steps to Creating and save process


Process Validation


List of Stages and its usage with Example


Key Points



Process Flow


Controlling Speed/ Process Run


Set Next Stage




Creating and deleting Page Reference


Managing Pages


Stage Logging


How to call another Process using the Process Reference stage?


Process / Object Grouping


Publish Process


Key Points



Debug Options in Process and Object


Step In


Step Over


Step Out



Object Studio


Introduction to Object Studio


Object Creation


Different modes of Spying


Application Modeler


Create Element – Application Modeller


Attributes selection




Stages – Example  Exercise


Attach and Detach


Input and Output parameters


How to Publish a page in Object?


Exercise – Temperature check web Based Application




Key Points



Exception Handling


Recover and Resume


Throw Exceptions


Exception Types


Preserve Current Exception


Exception Bubbling


Exceptions and Block Usage


Save Exception Screenshot


Handling Exceptions from Object and Process


Key Points



Control Room


What is Control Room?


How to Navigate to Control Room?


Resources status


Running a Process Manually




Set start up parameters


Different Types of process stop option


Session Log view and Export Option


Key Points



Queue management




Steps to create Queue – Work Queue Configuration


Add Items to Work Queue


Monitoring Queue Status


Get Next Item , Mark as Completed and Exception


Defer Items


Pause & Resume Queue


Filter Queue Items



Environment Variable & Session Variable


What is Environment variable ,use of Environment variables


Creating an Environment Variable


How to use or call Environment Variable?


Delete and Find References an Environment Variable


Use of Session Variables


Creating a Session Variable


Key Points



Scheduler Configuration




Configuring the Scheduler


Create Schedules and Task


Schedules and Tasks


Delete , Clone , Save , Retire options in Scheduling Task




Key Points



Releases – Release Manager


Release Manager


Create Packages


New Release


Export Object/process as XML and .bp release


Import object / process XML


Modify Packages


Key Points



Credential Manager




Credential Setup







Create and maintain user accounts, roles, and permissions


Retire resources, Processes, and Business Objects.


Process and Object Versions



Complete Process End to Development – Booking Request


Booking Request – High level Process Flow


Booking Request – Part 1


Booking Request – Part 2


Booking Request – Part 3


Booking Request – Part 4


Exercise to Practice – Process Flow



Forum Support


Blue prism Portal


Certification Path



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