Azure Machine Learning Certification – AI 100

In this course you will going to learn following topics (with focus on Azure AI100 Certification Exam):

  1. Concept of Machine Learning

  2. Cognitive Services

  3. Difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  4. Simple chatbot integrate in HTML websites

  5. Echo Bot

  6. Facebook Chat bot

  7. Question and Answer Maker

  8. LUIS(Language Understanding)

  9. Text Analytics

  10. Detecting Language

  11. Analyze image and video

  12. Recognition handwritten from text

  13. Generate Thumbnail

  14. Content Moderator

  15. Translate

Azure Machine Learning Certification- AI100




Introduction to Certification Exam




Intro to Azure Chatbot


Intro to Azure Machine Learning



Let’s starts with by creating simple chatbot


Simple Bot Test in Web chat



WebChat bot Get Embeded Code


WebChat bot Get Embeded Code


WebChat bot  Deploy chatbot



LUIS bot


Facebook Chatbot  Create Facebook App for FB Business page


Facebook Chatbot  Gather Credentials


Facebook Chatbot  Connect bot services with Facebook App


Facebook Chatbot  Deploy


Facebook Chatbot  Deleting resources



Facebook Chatbot


LUIS  Creating and testing LUIS app


LUIS  Publish LUIS app


LUIS  Adding some modification to LUIS app


LUIS  Sentiment Analysis using LUIS App



QnA Chatbot


QnA  Creating QnA Maker services


QnA  Knowledge Base


QnA  Deploy



Computer vision


Computer Vision  Create Service


Computer Vision  Analyze image , text in image and generate thumbnail



Content moderator


Content ModeratorText Moderation


Content ModeratorImage and Video Moderation


Content Moderator Explore Dashboard


Content Moderator  Create Instance



Custom vision


Custom Vision  Create project


Custom Vision  Upload Image and add tags


Custom Vision  Train model and predict unlabeled image


Custom Vision  Delete Resource



Text analysis


Text Analytics Create Service


Text Analytics Language Detection


Text Analytics Sentiment Analysis


Text Analytics Key Phrase Extraction


Text Analytics Entity Recognition






Translate Creating Service


Translate Deploy

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