AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate

  • Duration – 25 hours

This a truly an age of Cloud Computing, and needless to say, AWS is the leader in this industry. It is way ahead of its competitors like Microsoft and Google in terms of innovation. More and more companies, whether small-to-medium enterprises, or big corporations like GE and Netflix are harnessing the power of this truly great platform. This means that there is and will be a huge demand of AWS professionals, including Solutions Architects, who can very well guide clients and organizations through all phases of deployment of the entire infrastructure on AWS platform.

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AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate

Introduction to the Course  


Introduction and Overview of Exam

Introduction to Domain  1

Introduction to Domain  2

Introduction to Domain  3

Introduction to Domain 4  and  5


Identity Access Management (IAM)  


Introduction to IAM

Exploring IAM Creating User , Groups

Login to IAM User

IAM Policy

IAM Password Policy


EC2 – The Backbone of AWS  


Introduction, EC2 Features, EC2 Instances Options

Launching an AWS EC2 Linux Instance

Exploring the AWS EC2 Linux Instance

Accessing the AWS EC2 Linux Instance

Terminating the Instance

Launching an AWS EC2 Windows Server Instance

Exploring the AWS EC2 Windows Server Instance

Accessing the Windows Server Instance

Terminating the Windows Server Instance

EBS Volume Snapshot and Backup


AWS ELB Theory

Application Load Balancer

Classic Load Balancer

Migration Classic to ALB

AWS Network Load Balancer – Create Instance – Part

AWS Network Load Balancer – Create Load Balancer – Part

AWS Network Load Balancer – Integration & Accessing – Part

High Availability with AWS Auto Scaling

Configure & launch Auto Scaling group

Launching new Instance in unhealthy Instance scenario with help of Auto Scaling

Clean up Auto Scaling


AWS S3   


Introduction to S3

Creating S bucket

S3 Version Control

S4 Server Logging

S5 Server Less Web Hosting




Introduction to RDS




Introduction to VPC

Creating VPC

Launching EC2 Instance from Our VPC

Private subnet Instance to Database Server

Launching NAT Instance

Creating NAT Gateway

NACL (Network Access Control list)

What is VPC Peering

VPC Peering Lab Scenario overview

VPC Peering ConnEC2tion LAB Part –

VPC Peering Instance Launching & Baston Host LAB Part –

Cross region instances communication with VPC peering

VPC Peering clean up


AWS Route 53


Introduction to Route 53

Route53  Hands-on


IAM Scenario Questions  


Part – 1

Part – 2

Part – 3


S3 Scenario Questions  


Part – 1

Part – 2

Part – 3


VPC Scenario Questions  


Part – 1

Part – 2

Part – 3

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What People Are Saying

Sagar –

I have some IT background as a software tester and a big data dev. I wish to migrate into cloud computing


The instructor is very knowledgeable on the topics. The content is well organized with lectures and labs to prepare you for certification.


Pretty Good.

Didn’t expect it to understand AWS so comprehensively.


Nice in depth course


I’m still working through it, but given my experience with AWS via my job and working through these sections I am able to talk intelligently about AWS to my colleagues and to the client.


For me, the course works on several levels, it’s making me feel more confident in understanding cloud computing; it’s giving me hands on experience of AWS step be step – creating my first working instance of EC2 and accessing it via my browser felt like an achievement; the unexpected benefit to me is that it’s giving me more confidence

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