AWS Certified Cloud Practioner Specialty

  • Duration – 20 hours

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination is intended for individuals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles addressed by other AWS Certifications.

An AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a recommended path to achieving Specialty certification or an optional start toward Associate certification.

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  • Mode of Study – Self Paced Learning
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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2020


Course Introduction


Module Course Introduction – Let’s Prepare for a Good Start!




Let’s Create your AWS Free Tier Account


Mac OS Users – Environment Preparation


Windows OS Users – Environment Preparation


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Official Exam Blueprint


Module Completion



Module AWS Cloud Introduction




Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing


The Six Advantages of AWS Cloud Computing


AWS Global Infrastructure – Regions, Availability Zones and Edge Locations


AWS Management Interfaces – How to Interact with AWS Cloud Platform



Module AWS Core Services – The Backbone




Hands-on Lab -Create a Billing Alarm for Your AWS Account -= UPDATED=-


Identity Access Management (IAM) Basics


Hands-on Lab – AWS IAM Account Configuration


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Basics


Hands-on Lab – Create your First VPC in AWS Cloud Platform


Elastic Compute Cloud (EC) Basics


Hands-on Lab -AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC) User Interface -= UPDATE=-


Hands-on Lab – Launching Your First EC Instance in AWS Cloud


Hands-on Lab – Connect to AWS EC from Mac OS


Hands-on Lab – Connect to AWS EC from Windows OS


Hands-on Lab -Connect to AWS EC Directly From Your Browser -= UPDATE=-


Hands-on Lab – Start Your Web Server on AWS EC


Security Groups Basics


Hands-on Lab – Modify the SG and Permit Access to the Web Server


Elastic Block Store (EBS) Basics


Hands-on Lab – Create EBS Volume and Attach it to EC Instance – Part I


Hands-on Lab – Create EBS Volume and Attach it to EC Instance – Part II


Simple Storage Service (S) Basics  – Part I


Simple Storage Service (S) Basics  – Part II


Hands-on Lab – Create a Bucket in AWS Operations with Objects (Files)


Hands-on Lab – AWS CLI – Copy File From EC to S



Module AWS Key Services That You Need to Know




Route Basics


Hands-on Lab – Route  Domain Registration and Configuration



CloudFront Basics


Hands-on Lab – Create CloudFront Distribution and Test Website’s Speed


Application Load Balancer Basics


Hands-on Lab – Create ALB and Test Load Balancing – Part I


Hands-on Lab – Create ALB and Test Load Balancing – Part II


Hands-on Lab – Create ALB and Test Load Balancing – Part III


Auto Scaling Basics


Hands-on Lab – Create Launch Template and Auto Scaling Group (ASG)


Relational Database Services (RDS) Basics


Hands-on Lab – Deploy an Amazon RDS DB Instance Running MySQL


AWS Lambda Basics


AWS Elastic Beanstalk Basics


Hands-on Lab – Create a Sample App using Elastic Beanstalk


Hands-on Lab – Cloud-formation Basics  – Deploy WordPress – Part I


Hands-on Lab – Cloud-formation Basics  – Deploy WordPress – Part II


Simple Notification Service (SNS) Basics


Hands-on Lab – Configure SNS to Send Notification for Any New S Upload


Cloud Watch Basics



Module Billing, Pricing and AWS Support Levels




Fundamentals of Pricing


Cost Optimization through Reservations


AWS Cost Calculators


AWS Trusted Advisor


AWS Support Plans



Module Security in AWS




Introduction to AWS Security


AWS WAF, Shield & Firewall Manager


AWS Inspector



Module Architect for the Cloud – Best Practices




How is Cloud Different than Traditional Environments


Design Principles – Scalability


Design Principles – Disposable Resources


Design Principles – Automation


Design Principles – Loose Coupling


Design Principles – Services



Module AWS Services High Level Overview




AWS Services Overview – Compute Services


AWS Services Overview – Storage Services


AWS Services Overview – Database Services


AWS Services Overview – Migration Services


AWS Services Overview – Networking and Content Delivery


AWS Services Overview – Management Tools


AWS Services Overview – Security, Identity and Compliance


AWS Services Overview – Developer Tools


AWS Services Overview – Messaging


AWS Services Overview – Analytics


AWS Services Overview – Artificial Intelligence


AWS Services Overview – Mobile Services


AWS Services Overview – Application Services


AWS Services Overview – Business Productivity


AWS Services Overview – Desktop & App Streaming


AWS Services Overview – Internet Of Things


AWS Services Overview – Game Development



Module AWS Account Cleanup


Let’s Clean your AWS Account!


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What People Are Saying

Sagar –

I have some IT background as a software tester and a big data dev. I wish to migrate into cloud computing


The instructor is very knowledgeable on the topics. The content is well organized with lectures and labs to prepare you for certification.


Pretty Good.

Didn’t expect it to understand AWS so comprehensively.


Nice in depth course


I’m still working through it, but given my experience with AWS via my job and working through these sections I am able to talk intelligently about AWS to my colleagues and to the client.


For me, the course works on several levels, it’s making me feel more confident in understanding cloud computing; it’s giving me hands on experience of AWS step be step – creating my first working instance of EC2 and accessing it via my browser felt like an achievement; the unexpected benefit to me is that it’s giving me more confidence

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