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Are you looking for AWS Networking Training? Do you want to learn from an experienced trainer who makes complex concepts simple and easy to understand? Do you need to prepare for the AWS Advanced Networking Specialty exam?

Cloud Computing is everywhere. Traditional standalone datacenters are slowly becoming a thing of the past. More organizations are either migrating to the AWS cloud, or are configuring hybrid computing models that use on-premises resources and cloud resources. In order to stay relevant you must understand AWS. This course builds off my  gives you a deeper understanding of AWS networking.

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AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty 2020




Costs and Disclaimer


Using Billing Alerts in Your AWS Account


Getting Your Certification


AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Concepts


Introduction to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


Demo Exploring the Default VPC in an AWS Region


Demo Create an AWS VPC with a Private Subnet


Understanding Limits Within an AWS VPC


Understanding Transfer Charges in an AWS Account


AWS VPC Pricing


AWS VPC Routing and Subnets


Understanding the AWS VPC Router


Reserved Addresses in an AWS VPC


Demo Create a Route Table in an AWS VPC



Dual-Homed Instances in an AWS VPC


Introduction to the AWS Internet Gateway


Demo Create an Internet Gateway in an AWS VPC


Demo Managing Public and Private Subnets in an AWS VPC


AWS VPC and Subnets Exam Prep


EC Networking Concepts Deep Dive


Demo EC Network Interfaces and IP Addresses in an AWS VPC


Assign an Elastic IP (EIP) to an AWS EC Instance


Demo Assign an Elastic Network Interface (ENI) to an EC Instance


Demo Using Bastion Hosts to Connect to an AWS EC Instance


AWS Enhanced Networking and SR-IOV


Using AWS Placement Groups to Improve Network Performance


Accessing EC Instance Metadata


Using AWS Config Commands to Optimize VPC Costs


Network Address Translation in an AWS VPC


Network Address Translation (NAT) Instances with an AWS VPC


Network Address Translation (NAT) Gateways with an AWS VPC


Demo Create a NAT Gateway for an AWS VPC


AWS NAT Gateway Rules and Limitations


AWS VPC Peering


Introduction to AWS VPC Peering


VPC Peering Design and Use Cases


AWS VPC Peering and Overlapping CIDR Ranges


Demo Create an AWS VPC Peering Connection


Demo AWS VPC Peering and DNS Resolution


Demo VPC Peering Clean Up


AWS VPC Peering Costs and FAQ


AWS VPC Security and Monitoring


Introduction to AWS Security Groups


AWS Security Groups and Network ACLs


Demo Create a Network ACL in an AWS VPC


Demo Create and Manage Security Groups in an AWS VPC


Virtual Private Gateways (VGW) in an AWS VPC


Using VPC Endpoints to Connect AWS Public Resources


AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)


AWS WAF IP Whitelisting


Demo Configure VPC Flow Logs to Monitor AWS Traffic


VPC Flow Log Exam Prep


Analyzing Firewall Rules using VPC Flow Logs


AWS URL Restriction with Squid Proxy


Deep Packet Inspection in an AWS VPC


Elastic Load Balancers


AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) Introduction


Demo Create Two Simple Web Servers for Load Balancing


Demo Create an AWS Network Load Balancer


AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) Listeners and Encryption


AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) Target Groups


AWS ELB Host and Path Conditions


AWS ELB Connection Draining


AWS ELB and X-Forwarded


Route53 and DNS with an AWS Account


Introduction to AWS Route


Demo AWS Route  Domain Name Registration, Alias Record, and ELB Integration


Demo Configure the AWS Route  Simple Routing Policy


Demo Configure the AWS Route  Weighted Routing Policy


Demo Configure the AWS Route  Latency-Based Routing Policy


Demo Configure the AWS Route  Failover Routing Policy


Demo Configure the AWS Route  Geolocation Routing Policy


Private Hosted DNS Zones with AWS Route


Demo Configuring Route  Private Hosted Zones


Demo DNS Forwarding and Hybrid Architecture with AWS Route


Using an AWS Route  Alias Record with CloudFront


Content Delivery with CloudFront


Introduction to AWS CloudFront


Demo Configure a CloudFront Distribution


Securing CloudFront Traffic Using Encryption


Your Datacenter and the AWS Hybrid Cloud


AWS Hybrid Cloud Computing Use Cases


AWS Software VPN Introduction


AWS Managed Hardware VPN Introduction


AWS Managed Hardware Static VPN


Demo Create an AWS Managed Hardware Static VPN


Introduction to BGP Concepts for AWS


AWS Managed Hardware Dynamic BGP VPN


Demo Create an AWS Managed Hardware Dynamic VPN


BGP Routing over an AWS Managed VPN


AWS CloudHub for Multi-Site VPN Connectivity


Using Transit VPCs to Connect Many AWS VPCs


AWS Network Scenario Clustered Database in Multiple Regions


Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) Clusters in an VPC


AWS Direct Connect


AWS Direct Connect Introduction


Designing AWS Direct Connect for High Availability


AWS Direct Connect Installation and Architecture


AWS Direct Connect Private Virtual Interfaces (Private VIF)


AWS Direct Connect Public Virtual Interfaces


AWS Direct Connect Partner Hosted Connections


Disaster Recovery Architecture with AWS


AWS Backup and Recover Disaster Recovery (DR)


AWS Pilot light Disaster Recovery (DR)


AWS Warm Standby Disaster Recovery (DR)


AWS Active/Active Disaster Recovery (DR)



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    Sagar –

    I have some IT background as a software tester and a big data dev. I wish to migrate into cloud computing


    The instructor is very knowledgeable on the topics. The content is well organized with lectures and labs to prepare you for certification.


    Pretty Good.

    Didn’t expect it to understand AWS so comprehensively.


    Nice in depth course


    I’m still working through it, but given my experience with AWS via my job and working through these sections I am able to talk intelligently about AWS to my colleagues and to the client.


    For me, the course works on several levels, it’s making me feel more confident in understanding cloud computing; it’s giving me hands on experience of AWS step be step – creating my first working instance of EC2 and accessing it via my browser felt like an achievement; the unexpected benefit to me is that it’s giving me more confidence

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