AngularJS Beginner to Advanced Complete Course

  • Duration – 15 hours

This course will show you–from start to finish–how to build a real-life application with AngularJS. Angular is awesome, but it can be tricky to learn, especially if you are newer to web development. This is especially true if you’re trying to figure out how to build an actual working application in it. It can seem like a daunting task–especially since many tutorials out there don’t show how to do it from scratch.

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AngularJS Complete Course

Section : Introduction



 Softwares To Be Installed



 Course Material – All Source Code



Section : Why AngularJS


 “THE PROBLEM” and How AngularJS Solves



Section : AngularJS Core Concepts: Get Your ToolBox Filled with Tools



 JavaScript Specials: Modules Can Help You Remain Organized



 Angular Modules: One Stop Shop for All the Components



 JavaScript Specials: IIFE



 Moving our First Module to IIFE



 HTML Specials: Now you can decorate me with Custom Attributes



 Connecting Module and HTML: I am Peter Parker, I wanna be a Spiderman



 JavaScript Specials: Problems with addition of two numbers in JavaScript



 Design Pattern Specials: MVC can make your weekend more enjoyable



 Directives: I am HTML, I am good at Presentations



 Controllers: I am JavaScript, I can Handle the Business Logic



 Models: Not so Old, We are POJO



 Pattern Specials: Dependency Injection can help reduce your emotional attachment



 My Name is $scope and I have been Gifted to Controller by the Secret Santa



 JavaScript Specials: Data Binding in Classical Template Systems



 Angular Data Binding: Continous Updates, Model is a Single Source of Truth



 Pattern Specials: SRP to handle one task at one place



 Services: What can I do for you Sir!



 Filters: Please give me data and not the WATER



Section : Directives & Filters for Presentation


 Programg Specials: Imperative vs Declarative



 Binding Directives: One Way Binding Directives



 AngularJS Specials: Multiple ways of applying Directives



 Binding Directives: Two Way Binding Directives



 Template Directives: Give me Collection, I will give you Table



 Template Directives: Views Abstraction using ng-include Directive



 Template Directives: Switching Elements using ng-switch Directive



 Template Directives: Hiding Unprocessed Inline Template Binding Expressions



 Element Directives: Showing, Hiding and Conditionally Removing Elements



 Element Directives: Manage State & Enhance Elements



 Style Directives: Manage Classes & CSS



 Events Directives: Manage User Interaction



 Formatting Filters



 Array Transforg Filters



Section : Scope for Data and Controllers for Business Logic



 AngularJS Specials: Bootstrapping of AngularJS Applications



 Organizing Controllers: One for Small and Many for Big Applications



 Scope Communication: Pub-Sub Model Using $rootScope



 Controller Inheritance – How Properties Work



 Controller Inheritance – How Methods Work



 Explicitly Updating Scope: Using $apply & $watch



Section : AngularJS Services & Custom Services to Encapsulate Responsibilities



 AJAX Specials: Server Side Interaction Using Pure JavaScript



 Meet $http Service



 MongoLab Specials: Creating a Database and Tables



 CRUD Using $http and MongoLab – Part



 CRUD Using $http and MongoLab – Part



 Design Pattern Specials: The Singleton Design Pattern



 Custom Services to Encapsulate Responsibilities



 $q Service: Promises Are Made to be Kept



Section : Single Page Applications



 Single Page Applications, What are They and Why We Need Them



 SPA Specials: Story of HASH & Your Own i-SPA



 $location Service: Knows Everything About Browser URL



 Planning The Shell and Partials of The Application



 $routeProvider Service: Configuring The Routes and Controllers



 $routeParams Service: Getting Passed Information From URL


Section : Presentation using Custom Directives & Custom Filters



 Domain Specific Language: Your Own Custom Elements



 Component Directive



 Component Directive: Dynamic Binding Using Parent Scope



 Component Directive: Directives Can Have Other Directives As Well



 Component Directive: Taking Template Out of Directive Definition



 Component Directive: Handling User Interaction in Directives Controller



 The Misunderstood Concept of Directives Scope Made Understood



 OOB Directive: Use “=” Symbol to Pass Objects



 OOB Directive: Use “@” Symbol to Pass String Values



 OOB Directive: Use “&” Symbol to Call the Function on Parent Scope



 Custom Filter – Because We Need Our Own Data Transformation



Section : Presentation using Custom Directives –



 Link Function – Handle DOM Access, Manipulation & Events



 Bootstrapping Services: $parse, $interpolate & $compile



 Compile Function – Auto Compile Using Compile Function



 Transclusion – Injecting HTML Parts as a Reference


Section : Hands On – Lets Make an App Using Modularized Approach



 The Requirement



 Analysis & Design



 Folder Structure



 Application Layout –



 Application Layout –



 First Directive of Application



 First Service of Application



 Render Data Using First Service



 Render Data Using Second Service



 Render Data Using Third Service



 The Chart Directive



 Code Refactoring



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Abhilash -

A very good match. i am enjoying every bit.


Experience was quite good and it was very useful and well elaborated course.




I find that the explanation is good and also understandable.


Really helpful, recommended to everyone to grow up your future skills for next level especially in this competitive market.


I really like this course, it was a good match for me :))


Standard process and hands on covered nicely.



Perfect, with complete hands on. Well structured and nicely covered.


Great Content, nice and up to the mark course.



Great courses. Beginner friendly and the explanations are clear and very easy to understand.


Instructor showed multiple ways of using a concept and how to solve the problem. Excellent course and lecture by the instructor.


A very detailed explanation and quite handy tips and tricks! loved it



Excellent lecture, pace of the instructor is very good, easy to understand


Instructor showed multiple ways of using a concept and how to solve the problem. Excellent course and lecture by the instructor.


This Courses is really useful for my career and surely i will recommend other to fulfill their career goals.

 Mauricio Roldan -

A pesar de no dominar perfectamente el idioma, se entiende bien.


Yes lessons are very good. Not so fast, well explained


Worth course for the beginner to invest their time to learn this demanding skills.

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