Angular 9 Complete Course

  • Duration – 15 hours

This course will teach you Angular 9 and literally take you from knowing nothing, to learning the fundamentals, and walking through hands-on Live Examples… so that you can learn to code, and build websites and real-world web apps.

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Angular 9 Complete Course

Basic Introduction To TypeScript


What Is TypeScript?


Setting Up TypeScript


Write “Hello World” In TypeScript


Types In TypeScript


Functions In TypeScript


Array & Tuples In TypeScript


Unions In TypeScript


Interfaces In TypeScript


Arrays & Interfaces In TypeScript


Advanced TypeScript Concepts


Classes In TypeScript


Classes & Objects In TypeScript


Constructor In TypeScript Classes


Constructor In TypeScript Classes – Advanced


Access Modifiers in Classes in TypeScript


Shorthand Initialization of TypeScript Classes


Static Keyword In TypeScript


Inheritance in TypeScript


Advanced TypeScript Concepts


Interfaces In TypeScript


Multiple Interfaces In Classes In TypeScript


Interface Extends In Classes In TypeScript


Method Overriding In Classes In TypeScript


Abstract Classes In TypeScript


Readonly Properties In TypeScript


Modules In TypeScript


Compiling Modules In TypeScript



Angular 9 – Basic Concepts


What Is Angular?


Setting Up Angular


Understanding The Project


Components In Angular


component.ts File – Explained


Data Binding In Angular


HTML Attributes vs. DOM Properties


JavaScript Expressions in Data Binding in Angular


Class Binding In Angular


Style Binding In Angular


 Angular 9 – Advanced Concepts



Event Binding In Angular


JavaScript Events In Angular


Two Way Data Binding In Angular  – Part 1


Two Way Data Binding In Angular  – Part 2


Generating Array With Data Binding In Angular


Understanding Directives In Angular


Attribute Directives In Angular


Interactive Directives In Angular


Host Listeners in Attribute Directives In Angular


Angular 9 – Code Ninja Concepts


Structural Directives In Angular


ngIfElse Directives In Angular


ngFor Directive In Angular


ngSwitch Directive in Angular


ng-template in Angular


TemplateRef & ViewContainerRef in Angular


Input Decorator In Angular


Create Custom Structural Directive in Angular  – Part 1


Create Custom Structural Directive in Angular  – Part 2


Http Requests & API


Introduction to HTTP Requests and API


How HTTP Requests Work?


Getting Observable Response


HTTP Params


Output Decorator In Angular


Set In Angular


Get In Angular 9


Full Angular 9 Application Practice


Introduction To Covid- API


The Covid- Documentation


Styling The Application


HTTP Requests – The Network Tab & Status Codes (Part )


HTTP Requests – The Network Tab & Status Codes (Part )


Posting Data To The Server


Posting Dynamic Data


Completing The Styling of Summary Section of Application


Sending Request to Covid API and Retrieving Observable


Sending Data From App Component To Summary Component using Input Decorator


Playing with Angular Life Cycle to Get the Data


Breaking Down The Array To Get Single Data Into a New Component


Getting the Single Country Data into View


All Countries Data Listed


Sorting The Listed Data Accordingly


Fixing Bugs in Covid API


Angular Material


Introduction to Angular Material


Installing Angular Material


Typography In Angular Material


Buttons In Angular Material


Toggle Buttons In Angular Material


Badges In Angular Material (Part )


Badges In Angular Material (Part )


Chips In Angular Material


Icons In Angular Material


Progress Spinner In Angular Material


Progress Bar In Angular Material


Cards In Angular Material


Divider and Expansion Panel In Angular Material


Lists In Angular Material


Steppers In Angular Material


Tabs In Angular Material


Grid List In Angular Material


Making Layout In Angular Material


Toolbar In Angular Material


Menu In Angular Material


Angular Material – Advanced Components


Sidenav Angular Material


Side Drawer Angular Material


Pagination Angular Material


Tables In Angular Material


Making Of Table Columns In Angular Material


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Abhilash -

A very good match. i am enjoying every bit.


Experience was quite good and it was very useful and well elaborated course.




I find that the explanation is good and also understandable.


Really helpful, recommended to everyone to grow up your future skills for next level especially in this competitive market.


I really like this course, it was a good match for me :))


Standard process and hands on covered nicely.



Perfect, with complete hands on. Well structured and nicely covered.


Great Content, nice and up to the mark course.



Great courses. Beginner friendly and the explanations are clear and very easy to understand.


Instructor showed multiple ways of using a concept and how to solve the problem. Excellent course and lecture by the instructor.


A very detailed explanation and quite handy tips and tricks! loved it



Excellent lecture, pace of the instructor is very good, easy to understand


Instructor showed multiple ways of using a concept and how to solve the problem. Excellent course and lecture by the instructor.


This Courses is really useful for my career and surely i will recommend other to fulfill their career goals.

 Mauricio Roldan -

A pesar de no dominar perfectamente el idioma, se entiende bien.


Yes lessons are very good. Not so fast, well explained


Worth course for the beginner to invest their time to learn this demanding skills.

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