Android App Development with Parse and Android Studio IDE

  • Duration – 15 hours

  • Guaranteed Job  Placement

In this Android course, we are going to use the new Android Studio IDE provided by Google to develop a live user’s status update application. User’s will be able to sign up for an account, Log in, then start posting status update as well as viewing other user’s updates in a Listview. Download the App. Live Update.

We will be using the MVC pattern, where the xml will be used for creating views and java code as the controller. Our data will be stored in a cloud server, Parse website.

There is a lot to cover so let’s get started.

Android App Development with Parse and Android Studio IDE

Section : Introduction and Getting Started!


. The Android Application



. Android Studio IDE



. Intergrating Genymotion Emulator with Android Studio



. Cloud Storage Backend. Parse



. Including parse library to Android studio.


Section : Getting our hands dirty!


. Parse Walkthrough.



. Registration Form Design



. Storing Registered Users



. Login Form Design



. Authenticating Users



. Updating Status and Logout.



. Organizing our Activities.



. Homepage Listview.(Status Updates)



. Custom Adapter



. Populating Homepage With Custom Adapter


Section : Customizations.


. Customizing Adapter’s Layout Part .



. Customizing Adapter’s Layout Part .



. Customizing the ActionBar



. Customizing a single row.



. On List Item Click.



. Status Detail View



. More Customization.



. App Launcher Icon.

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