Advanced Android  Real-REST API Client Application

  • Duration – 15 hours

Every developers want to build a REAL THING, a REAL APPLICATION not just something for learning.

In this course, you will learn how to build a real and beautiful Wallpaper Application by using Unsplash API.  And of course, you will learn how to use a lots popular Android libraries such as Retrofit, GSON, Realm, ButterKnife, Glide 4.

  • If you are an Android Developer but don’t know exactly how to build a REST API Client App . 
  • Are you an Android developer who wants to upgrade your Android skill ?
  • Or you want to build a beautiful stuff.

This is THE COURSE for you.

Advanced Android Real-REST API Client Application

Section : Introduction



. Introduction – What are we building in this course?



. Download code, resources and some notes


Section : Create our basic Application


. Create our Basic Application



. Create Main Fragments



. Register Unsplash Developer Account


Section : Photos Fragment – ButterKnife, Retrofit, GSON


. Import ButterKnife



. Create Photos View



. Import GSON, Retrofit, Glide



. Config GSON, Retrofit, Glide



. Create models



. Create PhotosAdapter



. Get Photos From Unsplash


Section : Collections Fragment


. Create Collections – View



. Create Collection Model



. Create CollectionsAdapter



. Get Collections from Unsplash



. Create Collection View



. Get Photos of Collection by ID


Section : Set Wallpaper – Fullscreen Photo



. FullscreenPhoto – View



. FullscreenPhoto – Activity



. Get photo from Unsplash by ID



. Set Wallpaper function


Section : Favorite Photos – Realm



. Import and Initialize Realm



. Create RealmController



. Handle Favorite Button



. Get all photos from Realm


What People Are Saying

Akash –

This has been a wonderful experience going through each video one after the other. I had zero android development experience before i signed up for this course, although I have a coding background and foundation in Java. Half way into the course, and i am already keen on working on my own android app


The Overall Course Was Great. It was Fun to Learn Android & it’s Features and be able to create your own Apps.


Really… This is very useful and helping

Thank you very much for explaining this course

I have hopefully enjoyed this course…..:)


I find that the explanation is good and also understandable.


Really helpful, recommended to every to grow up your future for next level especially in this digital world.


I really like this course, it was a good match for me :))

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